December 30, 2015 The Unbiased Writer

budipradono-architects_rumah-miring-photo-by-fernando-gomulya_(3)_copyThe Slanted House in Jakarta by Budi Pradono Architects was built on a small lot in Indonesia’s Pondok Indah district. Located in a private gated community, this unique single family home faces the edge of small river with indigenous village settlements right across the river. The client asked the architect for a truly unique design that came in the form of a tilted house that appeared to be falling down. Comprised of three levels, the public areas are placed on the first level which consist of the living room, study area and a swimming pool. The second and third floor of the property contains the private living areas which includes the master suite, guest bedrooms, and contemplative rooms. Built with floor to ceiling glass walls throughout, take a look at the Slanted House in Jakarta below: budipradono-architects_rumah-miring-photo-by-fernando-gomulya_(6)_copy budipradono-architects_rumah-miring-photo-by-fernando-gomulya_(8)_copy budipradono-architects_rumah-miring-photo-by-fernando-gomulya_(11)_copy budipradono-architects_rumah-miring-photo-by-fernando-gomulya_(10)_copy

budipradono-architects_rumah-miring-photo-by-fernando-gomulya_(13)_copy budipradono-architects_rumah-miring-photo-by-fernando-gomulya_(9)_copy


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