March 26, 2013 The Unbiased Writer


The MPR Design Group recently finished the Hewlett Street House in Bronte, Australia. The overall goal of the project was to design something that explored the notion of ‘prospect and refuge’ within a contemporary family house. Located near Bronte Beach, the two driving desires of the property were accommodated through two sculpted concrete forms. Independent of each other, the upper concrete form twists towards the view while the lower tube orientates to the street. The upper level of the property contains the living spaces and is open ended which allows the northern winter sun to penetrate deeply into the space. In addition, it also provides efficient passive ventilation from the prevailing north east breeze through the house. On the other hand, the lower levels of the property offer places of privacy and refuge. Created to have a  ‘cave like’ atmosphere, the rooms are formed by a cut bedrock wall and dark stone floor. Without further delay, check out images of MPR Design Group‘s Hewlett Street House below. Be sure to let us know what you think!

hewlett-street-house-5 hewlett-street-house-4 hewlett-street-house-3 hewlett-street-house-2 hewlett-street-house-1 hewlett-street-house-6


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