August 10, 2012 The Unbiased Writer

The Robinson Road House by Steve Domoney Architecture is a modern contemporary home located in Melbourne, Australia. The new home was built on an exisiting street that is currently in transition with the post war brick bungalow style homes. One of the main challenges with designing the home was creating a larger house on the site,  than what currently existed that was open and private. Here is what the architect had to say:

‘Issues of privacy to and from the street are addressed with the upper level introduction of a deep terrace fronting the home office. Distant views are gained from within this space across the terrace whilst the terrace acts as a visual foil blocking sight lines from the street to this private space.

Deeper into the site and the internal spaces of the house, views are channeled from within to private outdoor living areas, whilst screening along its flanks prevents viewing opportunities to and from neighbouring dwellings. A balance thus struck between the need for openness and requirement for privacy.

The central core of the house invites casual family living, rising through two levels; the space is defined by the proximity of the external pool which extends to its wall face. With an overhead bridge link traversing this internal space, strong visual interconnection is achieved throughout the living zones.’
Check out the images below of the Robinson Road House, and as always, let us know what you think!


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