January 9, 2017 The Unbiased Writer

toyota-i-concept1Meet Toyota‘s innovative Concept-i, the Japanese manufacturer’s latest concept car with a mind of its own. The Concept-i made its grand debut last week, during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. A far departure from the safe and fundamental styling you might expect from Toyota, this futuristic concept vehicle comes with outrageous styling and gullwing doors. The glossy white four-seater is equipped with an artificially intelligent user experience interface known as Yui, that can analyze your emotions and react accordingly. Integrated into subtly hidden interfaces throughout the Concept i’s design, Yui can even communicate with other cars and pedestrians via OLED displays on the front and rear bumpers.toyota-i-concept‘Basically, this is our futuristic vision of what driving a Toyota means in the year 2030,’ says Ian Cartabiano, studio chief for the Toyota’s CALTY advanced design atelier in southern California. ‘The challenging aspect of it was, how do we make this futuristic car convey something that’s still fun to drive, but also have a new way to interact between driver and car, and basically, reignite a love for cars.’ The solution? ‘A proposal for the future that incorporates technology with a soul. We don’t want to make a cold, technical, dry, soulless machine.’ The overall goal of Toyota‘s vision involves two things: changing the way people interact with their vehicles, and making the car as safe as possible. However, like most concept cars, this is not intended to hit the road as-is but to demonstrate the carmaker’s vision for the future. Check out Unbiased Writer‘s video recap below:

Toyota Concept i from Unbiased Writer on Vimeo.


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