January 22, 2016 The Unbiased Writer

yohji-yamamoto-fw-2016-collection-1Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto‘s fall/ winter menswear collection was inspired by the turmoil in current events. The entire collection is bold and daring yet still practical. During the show, models walked down the runway with shirts and sweaters over puffer jackets and vests, while large blanket scarves engulf their faces. But underneath all the layers is a darker theme, according to Yamamoto. He envisioned a mother piling clothes onto a small child to battle the cold saying, ‘Because of the economic condition, I feel like in the world – all the countries – the family is just breaking down. I’m afraid. So, like a kid, I want to shout.’ Using the song ‘Stand By Me’ as the soundtrack for the show, take a look at Unbiased Writer’s favorite looks below:yohji-yamamoto-fw-2016-collection-3 yohji-yamamoto-fw-2016-collection-5 yohji-yamamoto-fw-2016-collection-6 yohji-yamamoto-fw-2016-collection-13 yohji-yamamoto-fw-2016-collection-25 yohji-yamamoto-fw-2016-collection-26 yohji-yamamoto-fw-2016-collection-28 yohji-yamamoto-fw-2016-collection-21 yohji-yamamoto-fw-2016-collection-15 yohji-yamamoto-fw-2016-collection-38



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