June 19, 2015 The Unbiased Writer

IMG_8390Ready to change the way you tell time? Slow Watches, has created a unique 24-hour dial with one hand that gives you a view of the entire day. Start visualizing time in a more natural way, and live for the moment rather than chase every minute or second. The Swiss made timepieces feature a minimalist design with an understated cool aesthetic. Their clean, logo-free dial evokes a sense of nostalgia and keeps the focus of the design on the time. Ranging from the 38mm Slow Jo that comes in 20 different styles in 6 strap options to the 34mm Slow Mo that is perfect for those of you with smaller wrist- Slow Watches has a variety of watches to choose from.IMG_8383This Slow Jo 18 comes with a dark brown leather band and gold case. Sporting a vintage look, the thick leather band with raw edges adds character to this classic watch. Interested? You can purchase this watch for $280 USD by clicking here.


IMG_8378If you are looking for something a little more refined, the Slow Mo 04 is the perfect choice. The stainless steel gold band compliments the classic square face of this timepiece. Priced at $300 USD, you can purchase this watch and similar styles here.

If you like what you see, be sure to check out the entire collection of Slow Watches here.


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