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Style and substance are key ingredients when it comes to achieving dating success. Looking the part and making the right impression can lead to untold opportunities yet many men still overlook this obvious fact. Even though television shows from Mad Men to Gossip Girl have been driving the message home that elegance is always in fashion, determining what looks suit your style best can daunting. So we reached out to professional stylists Monica and Barbara Abbatemaggio for some fashion guidance that would help any man get a leg up on the competition.  As founders of New York City’s Sorelle Firenze –a visual styling consultancy, these Florentine sisters infuse their European flair to help professional men look their authentic best. This is how Sorelle Firenze classifies looks for different types of men. Which one are you?

The Playboy

We think the Playboy is dressed to impress. He is wearing a beautiful black Tom Ford suit fitted to the body with a white shirt and skinny black tie from YSL. The cologne he wears is strong—a real aphrodisiac. You can be the first to try Jouany (www.Jouany.com) –a powerful, new cologne our sources are raving about. On dates the Playboy brings a single rose; could be cliché but why not? He’ll pick up his date in a chauffeur driven Escalade and take her for a drink at the Peninsula and for dinner at La Caprice. He impresses his dates with his incredible sense of style and good manners.

The Hipster

For once leave your hipster buddies at home, your date will thank you! The chill, unaffected attitude the Hipster possesses calls for a distressed, monochromatic look. We see him in a sexy, confident mix between Rick Owens (www.RickOwens.eu) and Ann Demeulemeester (www.anndemeulemeester.be). Ladies will swoon over his long croch grey pants with a long ribbed tank top and a deconstructed crew neck sweater. We recommend he wear All Saints boots and a soft wool knee length coat round out the look. The Hipster starts his date out by going to Smith and Mills in Tribeca for a tasty vodka gimlet and then brings her to The Standard in the Meat Packing district.

The Rock Star

Sorelle Firenze sees the Rock Star wearing All Saints (www.us.allsaints.com) from head to toe! He’s wearing skinny black jeans with a rock and roll tee shirt and silver studded leather belt. His wallet is attached to the belt with a chain from Bess (www.Bess-NYC.com) and he’s rocking boots and a black leather jacket from Alexander McQueen. A thick chain bracelet and ring from Hotoveli (www.hotoveli.com) completes his look. The Rock Star takes his dates to his favorite burger joint and then to a concert.

The Romantic

Any chance there are more of you out there so we don’t have to fight? We see this guy in John Varvatos  all the way! He’s sexy, never geeky and has good taste. He chooses a look less sharp than the Playboy but softer to the touch. We envision him in a charcoal grey sweater with narrow flannel pants and a beautiful dark grey leather jacket. His cologne is rich and alluring. We suggest Egoiste Platinum by Chanel. On his dates, the Romantic will take his girl to a small hidden restaurant in the West Village with a fire place, soft jazz and fantastic selections of wine. The dinner is long and the flirting lasts forever!

The Bohemian

This is Monica’s type of guy. To show off his toned body he’s sporting perfectly fitted skinny black jeans and a cashmere turtleneck from Burberry– soft to the touch and perfect to cozy up next to during a movie. A studded belt and motorcycle leather jacket from Atrium compliments his Adidas sneakers, which are super comfortable and great with this look. The Bohemian brings his date to Soho for a romantic dinner at Kelly Ping or Blue Ribbon Sushi.  After sipping on some hot sake it’s off to a late movie at the Angelika.

For more information, check out www.SorelleFirenze.com What do you think?

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