September 25, 2014 The Unbiased Writer

Graf & Lantz

Unlike our dapper English lads from across the ocean, American men have stayed clear of holding our belongings in anything that does not resemble a backpack. After seasons of high-end leather ‘thingi’s’ that resemble a scaled down version of our girlfriends purse, we now have become moderately open to the idea of lugging around a Tote bag. It all began during our Eco-friendly, post Coachella movement; when California decided to fully extinguish plastic grocery bags and charge us 10 cents for a paper bag to carry our groceries home. After forgetting to bring my own bags and having to carry my groceries, I finally gave in and purchased one of those hideous $1.99 Trader Joe’s canvas bags to keep in my car. Subconsciously, I  had accepted the idea of using a man bag. While surfing the web one day at work, I discovered: For $20.00, I found a super cool bad a$$ Tote bag that screamed ‘I’m fresh, I recycle, I’m masculine, and I am a man who grocery shops!’ After a few months and multiple trips to the store, I was pretty comfortable with this ‘Tote ote thingi‘ and didn’t give it a second thought.  (photo by Gregory Presscott ; Gräf & Lantz tote bag)

Now, as a writer and NY fashion publicist, you would think I would have gotten comfortable pretty quick. Well, here we are. Introducing, the only  bag that the American man can process carrying next to his girlfriend, the Tote bag. From Givenchy & Alexander Wang to ultra cool streetwear brands, the Tote has emerged as the new way to carry your laptop and gym clothes. From leather to canvas, or with cheeky phrases, you can find one that matches your personality & style. The bag says your cool, forward thinking, and ready to move out of the stone age. Here are my top 3 choices of totes to consider when you ditch that old backpack from college:

GIVENCHY STAR-EMBOSSED LEATHER TOTE BAG– $1,495 Click here to purchasegivenchy tote

SOCIETY 6 NUDE CANVAS TOTE BAG– $22.00 Click here to purchase nude tote

GRÄF & LANTZ CARRY ALL TOTE– $379.00 Click here to purchase

graft lantz tote

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Written by Quest Antonio


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