April 9, 2018 The Unbiased Writer

Supreme is working with legendary luggage makers RIMOWA on a rework of their now world-renown and respected Topas suitcase model. Originally founded in 1898, RIMOWA founder Paul Morszeck initially created suitcases out of wood and leather until 1937 when the first aluminum suitcase was developed. Mimicking the construction of commercial aircraft exteriors, RIMOWA‘s distinctive vertical grooves were added in 1950 and now exists as the brand’s signature aesthetic. The Supreme x RIMOWA collaboration is comprised of custom red and black metallic versions of both the carry-on 45L and check-in 82L sizes. Highlighted with Supreme’s logo prominently displayed on both the posterior and anterior facades, the suitcase come with TSA-friendly combination locks and Multiwheel® ball-bearing wheels. The 45L Topas Multiwheel will retail for $1,600 USD and the 82L Topas Multiwheel for $1,800 USD. The Supreme x RIMOWA luggage collection will release online and in the NY, Brooklyn, LA, London and Paris stores on April 12th.


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