October 17, 2016 The Unbiased Writer

russellwestbrook-gq-coverKnown for his flamboyant wardrobe choices, Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook is GQ Magazine‘s November issue cover star. Westbrook is regarded by many to be the most athletic player in the NBA, but his fashion choices are truly what make him a standout in the league.

‘There are no limits to his choices in clothes, because he has money and exposure without constraints, and designers know there’s a good chance he’ll wear what they mail him (he doesn’t repeat looks, he needs options—it’s math). His resoluteness in his own vision, his tunneled self-assurance, is so pure that it edges up to a sort of deeply beneficial psychosis. Just a little bit broken from reality. Which is maybe what people mean when they say Westbrook plays crazy, dresses crazy.’

1116-gq-ferw05-01-confidence-man-westbrook-05 ferw03-01-confidence-man-westbrook-06 1116-gq-ferw03-02-confidence-man-westbrook-03 1116-gq-ferw04-01-confidence-man-westbrook-04You can read the entire story over at


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