September 17, 2009 The Unbiased Writer


(photo: Marcio Madeira)

Michael Kors debuted his SS 10 [spring/summer 2010] collection today in New York Fashion Week. Known for is classic “Americana” style, Michael edged things up a little for spring. According to fashion critics “it was the most commercial expression of the ripped and slashed, ’80s-era, Japanese-influenced anti-fashion trend we’ve been seeing on the runways this week.” His collection was inspired by architecture, sharp lines and angles, best expressed in the simple shift, traversed with zips and clear plastic ‘windows’ which revealed glimpses of midriff and thigh.The colors used in his collection consisted of soft water colors which created a fresh and sophisticated look.

Kors also offered cardigans with multiple sleeves, turtleneck pullovers with a single sleeve, and crew necks with ripped hems for everyday wear. As the spectators watched the models walk down the runway, many felt the cuts were not so flattering. Overall, the biggest critique of Michael Kors’ new collection is whether or not his pieces will be complementary to the average size person.



  1. S.

    My shit is better than Michael Kors!!!! For him to be this established I’m very disappointed! Trust me, when my brand launches you will not want to read about any other designer!


  2. brabb87

    Is it just me or did it seem like fashion week was lowkey this year? It seemed to not get as much press as normal…maybe cuz it was the same time as the VMAs but idk….

  3. ella

    Definitely different…not too sure it’s a good thing. He played into the 80’s trend that is coming on strong with the subtle shoulder pads in a few of the jackets and dresses which I’m kind of diggin. I’m not a fan of the fit of some of the pieces on the models…is it the models or the actual pieces?

  4. J.tini

    I not liking his line I think its too simple or too much of a flashback not creative in making the 80s modern with our time. :P~~~ one star rating 🙂

  5. ashleyel

    OK WAIT A MINUTE… i’m sensing some straight up hating goin on here. thank god the writer is unbiased. :-p

  6. Big T

    Who is fitting that? Big T can’t even get one arm in that blazer. Can we get some clothes for the normal people of the world?

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