September 15, 2009 The Unbiased Writer

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With the recent injury of Eagles’ quarterback Donovan McNabb, the NFL franchise team decided today to move suspended quarterback Michael Vick to the active roster. In doing so, the Eagles waived four year veteran Hank Baskett, who is known for his relationship with wife Kendra Wilkinson, a Playboy playmate. The decision made by the Eagles allows for Vick to practice with the team this week, which will help prepare him for immediate duty once he is eligible to return in Week 3. Due to Michael Vick’s involvement with the dog-fighting ring, he is required to sit out the first two regular season games as a part of the NFL’s penalty. Head coach Andy Reid, has stated that Kolb is the backup quarterback and that Vick probably will not start right away, because he is still rusty. However, McNabb’s injury has opened the door for Michael Vick’s return to the NFL. What do you think? We presented the facts, what’s your conclusion?



  1. Mythoughts

    Nobody in their right mind could possible believe that Michael Vick the dog slayer is one bit remorseful or sorry for his sadistic acts aganist harmless animals. Sorry he got caught, but not sorry for what he did.
    Then, the Eagles turn around and give this creature a contract, and the NFL gives Michael Vick a penalty.Not much of a penalty if you ask me.
    People should get up out of their seats, and walk out of the stadium when this man takes the field.

  2. John Strauss

    I feel he has been given more than enough chances, and that this should be his last and final chance to redeem himself. I feel many athletes believe they are invincible, in which they do and say things that should be punished far more than they actually are. Hank should be next in line for the job, fair is fair!

  3. John Strauss

    [pt 2.] This gives people the OK to perform horrendous acts such as dog fighting [cruelty to animals] because if Mike Vick can do it and get off so easily [yes everyone, 23 is not that long compared to others’ sentencing]. I have never been on the Vick bandwagon, and this upsets me and makes me dislike him that much more. Use your money wisely, there will be someone to take your spot light soon, so enjoy it while it lasts

  4. ella

    First of all Hank is a WR…not a QB! So no matter what he wouldn’t be next in line for that job. Kolb is nothing compared to Vick but DOES deserve it more! Both Vick and McNabb are amazing QBs and I love them both for their running games but honestly Vick got lucky not only when it comes to his penalty for his crime but also when McNabb cracked his rib! So if Reid really keeps to his word and starts Kolb this weekend he’ll have to step up to the plate!

  5. John Strauss

    Ella, what I meant by “its his turn” is it is his time to shine. I was referring to Hank having the spotlight of the team, not Vick! So, first off don’t ask your boyfriend for FB info, and have a great night!

  6. ella

    Well isn’t that a sexist comment Mr. Strauss! Just because I’m a girl I don’t know about football?!?! I’m pretty sure I can hold my own when it comes to sports thank you very much!

  7. George

    I think that we need to remember that this man did something wrong and he did do his time. If our justice system thought that 23 months was enough time then we need to live with it and allow this man to live his life. People make mistakes and they deserve a second chance whether or not some people agree or not.

  8. Brenda J.

    George you do make a very valid point, but lets say you were every child who plays football role model and went to jail for something so cruel and stupid as dog fighting. Many people are affected by his immature decisions. I understand people make mistakes, but when you are in the lime light as Mr. Vick was, and still is, is it not ok, and should not be forgiven so easily. The Eagles should of had to make other arrangements! Point blank period!

  9. calikiid3

    im looking forward to seeing micheal vick back in action. I feel he did his time and learned his lesson about what he did. He deserves the second chance that he is getting.

  10. purr

    Vick deserves a second chance. The guy is a young man who may have a whole lot more of living to do. Screw the critics. After all, what if our private crap was uncovered — even those private thoughts? Can you really judge?

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