September 24, 2009 The Unbiased Writer


President Obama is featured on the cover of Men’s Health October issue for the second time since his first appearance in November 2008. As he attempts to transform the country with the new health care reform, its perfect timing for him to address current health issues. According to recent polls, nearly 58 percent of voters now oppose the president’s health care plan. The article discusses the president’s interest, work-out routines, and the life advice he gives for healthy living. Throughout the article, the topic of health care is extensively discussed in efforts to raise awareness and support of healthcare reform. Men’s Health magazine reaches over 12 million readers and health educated consumers.

         In addition to President Obama, first lady Michelle not only appears in the October issue of Women’s Health but also graced the cover of this months issue of Children’s Health. In the October issue, Michelle Obama talks about her fitness routine and juggling her role as a mother, wife, and first lady; as well as mentioning her “unique role in advocating for health care reform.”  In light of the ongoing debate over health care policies, will this exposure be enough to sway the public towards Obama’s opinions on the reform? What do you think? We presented the facts, what’s your conclusion?



  1. J.tini

    I think they are being realistic and really trying to reach out to the people that are usually not into politics to get more people in on the issue so we can really have a clear notion on what Americans think and to tell you the truth I think the majority would want better health care reform. He is pushing out the facts hopefully it would sway the 58 percent to the better direction. Lets do it!

  2. ashleyel

    The problem with pushing new policies through Washington is that our politicians are making decisions (usually) based on party affiliations and their own career strategies. Thus it’s helpful to get the support of the American people behind your cause to put pressure on the legislators. I think that’s exactly what Obama is attempting to do here, and I hope it works for him. He’s had a sound healthcare reform plan from the beginning of his campaign, but people are killing his attempts with their personal biases.

    Sidenote: Obama quit smoking…. 🙂 If you smoke, you should too!

  3. micole

    I think his healthcare package is a good idea in theory but it sucks for healthcare providers. Government insurance companies are going to monopolize the industry and decide what they will pay doctors for the services they provide.. In other words, nothing.

  4. Mythoughts

    President Obama is facing an uphill battle. The American people for the most part support the presidents aggressive health reform program.
    His fight is with the Health Industy, Insurance companies,drug maufactures. These companies would rather see people die then cut back on their profits.
    If National Health Care works in Europe, and Canada, then why wouldn’t it work in the U.S.

  5. Eric

    I feel the president is doing an excellent job! I cant wait to grab a copy of the magazine! I think people need to accept that fact that America needs to change drastically ….our nation was destroyed for 8 years!!!!!! Yes Obamas actions may seem drastic but its needed!!!! Its needed so future generations can share and experience a better world …different from the one we presently live in!

  6. micole

    In response to SMASHONTHEM… Micole is definitely NOT greedy. In fact I just got health insurance last year but i have spent the last 9 yrs living like a broke college student trying to become a doctor. In fact I owe the government almost $300,000 trying to become a doctor! So I know you think that doctors make good money, but do you know the amount of loans that they have to take out to go through school.. which by the way I’m still doing, so 12 yrs after high school and $300,000 later yes I think I have the right to expect to be able to pay back my loans and be able to support my family!!!

  7. ashleyel

    agreed micole… if anything it’s the insurance companies that are greedy and out of control. but obama won’t be able to do anything about that if we cannot get behind him!

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