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There are an overwhelming number of choices at the cologne counter, the trick is to figure out the type of scent that works for you—woodsy? floral? earthy?Check out these top sellers before hitting the department store.

1 Le Bateleur (pictured above)

D&G’s 1 Le Bateleur, from its new Fragrance Anthology collection has a light, clean crisp smell. This top-selling cologne is great for any occasion.
3.3 oz, $65



Hermès Jardin Sur la Nil

Hermès Jardin has a subtle green scent of unripe mango peel. Fresh, sunlit, and to most, irresistible.

3.3 fl oz, $125


yves saint laurent

La Nuit de L’Homme

YSL’s newest version of L’Homme, La Nuit de L’Homme, has a subdued core structure—wood scents that read solid, burnt and aromatic spices that read clean. Very conservative smell, with just a hint of an edge.”

2 oz, $55


dior homme sport

Dior Homme Sport

The essence of clean,  Dior reinvented the genre with a twenty-first-century masterpiece, Homme Sport. This is fresh done with authenticity: the smell of water rushing past a river raft, the green of the banks, and the mountain air blowing.
1.7 oz, $52

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “MEN’S GROOMING: COLOGNE

  1. serendipity

    I’d totally look into one of these, but I think there are only ladies making the christmas gift cut this year. maybe for my dad….

  2. trey

    Yea that Dior def does go hard… Im still stuck on my Prada Milano and Bulgari Pour Homme. Would def look into those as well!

  3. Mythoughts

    Definitely the light,crisp,clean smell works.
    Don’t you just hate when you hug someone and end up wearing their smell for the rest of the evening.
    Or, when your guest arrives wearing a Fragance that is in competion with your plugin air freshner!

  4. S.

    I have smelled two of these, but I would recommend D&G’s #3, that gives #1 a run for it’s money! Which also has a light, crisp, and clean smell. I have always been into fragrances and I would not mind getting a few for Xmas myself lol.

  5. Sharbar1128

    LOL @ mythoughts…competing with the plugin air freshener. Yeah I hate smelling someone who swam in the bottle. My preference is clean, light and crisp where it kind of smells like you just stepped out the shower and rolled on a Downy fabric softener sheet…lol.

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