June 27, 2016 The Unbiased Writer

lanvin-spring-summer-2017-16Menswear designer Lucas Ossendrijver just unveiled his spring/ summer 2017 collection for Lanvin. Staying true to his signature sartorial style, Lanvin‘s latest menswear range features an eclectic mix of colors, prints, textures and layers. Speaking about the collection, Ossendrijver said, ‘I decided to go with room and creativity. This collection is not about a single concept but rather a collage made up of different possibilities. It’s about freedom.’ Take a look at Unbiased Writer‘s favorite looks from Lanvin‘s spring/ summer 2017 collection below: lanvin-spring-summer-2017-17 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-15 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-14 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-13 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-12 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-11 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-10 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-9 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-8 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-6 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-5 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-4 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-3 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-2 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-1 lanvin-spring-summer-2017-lanvin-spring-summer-2017-18


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