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Vice Magazine’s Bruce LaBruce recently had the chance to interview fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld in Paris. Karl Lagerfeld not only owns his own clothing line, he is the creative director behind the $10 billion Chanel empire, and the house of Fendi. Despite owning several luxury homes and a private jet, Lagerfeld is anti-materialistic and remains detached from his possessions. During the interview, they discussed a wide array of topics, allowing readers to get to know the legendary figure behind the dark glasses. The interview tried to separate the myths from reality. Segments from the interview are available below while the actual full length interview can be found on the Vice website. What do you think?

“Vice Magazine: Is it hard for you to find time for yourself?
Karl Lagerfeld: I have to fight to be alone, but I need time to recharge my batteries. Daydreaming is the most important thing for me. It would be a nightmare not to daydream.

Music is so important to you, and I was trying to convince your assistant that you should start DJing at clubs.
I did it once with the DJ Michel Gaubert.

Did you like it?
Yes, but it’s not really my job. I prefer to listen. For me it’s too much work.

You can get someone to do that for you. It’s about selecting the songs.
I’m inclined to have CDs. I like to buy CDs and then make my selection, and then I have my iPod.

That’s all DJing is. Just making an iPod playlist. But there’s something about playing live to an audience and getting them to dance.
For me that is also difficult, and not because I’m against it, but I don’t drink, I don’t take drugs, I’ve never smoked in my life.

Did you used to?

You never experimented with drugs at all?

I saw others doing it and I didn’t think it was such a success.

You didn’t even have a curiosity?
No. There was a famous man who had written about flies and insects, and I’m like the one who watches the insects. I prefer to see how drugs work on others. And I cannot smoke cigarettes. I need my hands for something else. When I was 14 I wanted to smoke because my mother smoked like mad. I wanted to smoke to look grown-up. But my mother said, “You shouldn’t smoke. Your hands are not that beautiful and that shows when you smoke.”



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