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Jai-Courtney-EsquireAustralian actor Jai Courtney is photographed by Stewart Shining for the latest issue of Esquire. Hot on the heels of his role in Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken, the Divergent star sits down with Esquire to chat about life, his career, and upcoming projects. Jai-Courtney-Esquire-3

JAI COURTNEY: How long will this interview be?

ESQUIRE: It’ll be over once we stop having fun. We can have an interview safe word.

JC: “I’m not having fun anymore.”

ESQ: I saw a bunch of your films over the weekend. Objectively, A Good Day to Die Hard is not the best Die Hard movie.

JC: Definitely not the best Die Hard movie. We kinda pushed the envelope as far as bullshit stunts went. But when you’re tackling something that is so iconic and beloved, you really have to pull out a rabbit to win everyone over. It’s funny, because I’m sort of there again with Terminator: Genisys this summer. I mean, that’s the fifth installment in two eighties action franchises that are coming around again.

ESQ: But it’s not like you could have said no to those movies.

JC: Fuck no. They were huge opportunities, and I fought for them.

ESQ: Did you work out with Schwarzenegger when you filmed Terminator?

JC: When we moved to San Francisco to finish the movie, I’d see him in the gym a bunch. He’s certainly not let himself go. It’s admirable, because all I want to do is get old and drop the weights and get fat. You know, not fat fat, but just—I don’t want to care one day. Fuck, I want to eat that bread so bad.

ESQ: Who cares? Eat a piece of bread.

JC: Yeah, but I’m on a strict thing.

ESQ: Have half a piece of bread. See how you feel.

JC: Definitely can’t smoke in here, can I?

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