December 1, 2016 The Unbiased Writer

gucci-alessandro-micheleGucci‘s creative director Alessandro Michelle is featured in GQ‘s December 2016 issue. Captured by photographer Pari Dukovic, Michelle chats with GQ‘s Zach Baron about his infatuation with beauty and being the ‘it’ designer of the moment. Two years ago, he was a back-of-the-house veteran at Gucci and widely unknown by people in the fashion industry. Thanks to his signature riot of color and appliqué animals, Gucci‘s sales have gone up over 17 percent. In fact, other design houses are following suit and trying to get in on the action.

“I spent all my life hypnotized from the beauty,” Michele says. “Beauty” is maybe the word you hear most from Michele. “I had two different kind of parents. My mother was obsessive with movie stars and cinema and Hollywood because she worked in movies. And my father was obsessed with beauty everywhere—in art, in nature, animals. So I think that it’s something that is in my DNA of my family.”alessandro-michelle-gq“For me, the company is my big movie, and I don’t want to do a movie for men and a movie for women,” Michele explains, a week after the show in Milan. “They have to live together to make the most beautiful movie.” He’d vanished for a few days, then resurfaced on Instagram video, underneath the open mouth of the Pantheon in Rome. He’d gone to look at another beautiful thing. A few days after that, from his office in Rome, he Facetimes me, rotating his laptop to show me a taxidermied bird above his vintage desk. He is sincere in this way, a bit childlike. “I don’t want to change the market,” he says, about the decision to show the two collections simultaneously. “I understand that it’s something that belongs to me, to my point of view. I don’t want to suggest nothing to the market. It’s just me.”

Read the entire interview online here.


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