October 5, 2016 The Unbiased Writer

78659_e7229ba0b40b9764a84644c38ce81b53_aqua_extremeCertain scents evoke memories deep in the subconscious that make us experience a variety of emotions. Recognizing that fragrance is an opportunity for a man to express his taste while having fun with style, Jean-Claude Delville set out to create a sheer, refreshing and masculine composition with lasting quality. Created for the modern, stylish man, Perry Ellis Aqua Extreme has a refreshingly clean and distinguished scent that lasts all day. Made with an intense blend of hand-selected exotic notes from around the world, hints of Bergamot will recall a thrilling adventure while the soft scent of Lavender may remind you of a romantic encounter. Perry Ellis Aqua Extreme is not for the faint of heart, it was made for the man that has a confident, fearless attitude. Available at a variety of retail locations throughout the US, Perry Ellis Aqua Extreme is an excellent choice for this Fall season. For more info visit here.


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