February 18, 2012 The Unbiased Writer

Skincare brand NIVEA, has partnered with Lifechangers expert Dr. Drew and celebrity couple Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn to kick off the brand’s Million Moments of Touch Movement. It has been proven that fast–paced living takes a toll on intimacy and relationships, and that’s why NIVEA‘s year long campaign aims to get get couples kissing, hugging and touching one again. Through research, NIVEA discovered that:

·Nearly half of American adults (48.8%) say they want more affectionate touch than they already receive.
·Nearly equal percentages of women (74.5%) and men (74.4%) agree that Americans are in a state of “skin hunger,” a desire for more touch and human connection than they receive.
·When asked what would make them less likely to touch or kiss someone else affectionately, these were the most popular conditions named:
a. Kissing someone with dry or cracked lips (79.5%)
b. Touching someone whose skin appears scaly (76.9%)
c. Touching someone whose skin appears flaky (51.3%)
d. Kissing someone with chapped lips (46.2%)
e. Touching someone with dry skin (28.2%)’

FACT:Men were more likely than women to name dry skin as a reason not to touch someone. Also, men were also more likely to name dry or cracked lips as a reason not to kiss someone. Guess what!? We’ve teamed up with NIVEA so two of our lucky  readers will get a special NIVEA PDA Kit, with all the latest products across NIVEA lip care, body wash and body lotion. We want to ensure you and the special lady in your life stay PDA-ready. Here is how to win:

-Email with subject line labeled ‘MILLION MOMENTS OF TOUCH Contest
– Tell us your craziest PDA story and why you deserve to win the NIVEA PDA Kit
– Send us email by 2/23/2012 5pm PST

Make sure to take part in the contest! And as always, let us know what you think?


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