February 6, 2017 The Unbiased Writer

look61In just a few short years, Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear Of God has become a trendsetting force in menswear. Earlier today, Lorenzo rolled out his latest collection for Fear Of God that is simply labeled the ‘Fifth Collection.’ Inspired by the ’90s, this nostalgic collection is the label’s largest range to date. Comprised of oversized, grungy outfits with an array of hoodies- much of the new collection is the stuff that already defines the Fear Of God look. Take a closer look below: look86 look79 look75 look73 look64 look61 look60 look48 look49 look45 look40 look37 look36 look28 look25 look24 look21 look18 look13 look11 look10 look9 look8 look2 look1



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