May 20, 2015 The Unbiased Writer

Chris-Pratt-GQ-CoverActor Chris Pratt is featured on the cover of GQ’s June 2015 issue. His latest movie Jurassic World hits theaters this summer and is expected to win big at the box office. Photographed by Peggy Sirota, Chris Pratt is styled in a range of safari inspired looks mixed with contemporary alternatives.Chris-Pratt-GQ-2015 Chris-Pratt-GQ-20151 Chris-Pratt-GQ-20152 Chris-Pratt-GQ-20153“For Jurassic World, he used another new acting technique, one he stumbled onto online. It’s a technique where you think about which animal your character would be, and then use that information to determine which part of the body your character leads with when he moves. For this film, Pratt determined that the appropriate animal would be a dolphin. “They lead with their foreheads,” he explains.

On Jurassic World, all of Pratt’s ideas and approaches were combined into a kind of mantra that he would repeat to himself just before the camera rolled: “Flow core, no TC, volume up point five, Eric Church.” Eric Church to remind him of “Dark Side,” a song by Church that Pratt was listening to over and over, and the darkness in this character it encapsulated. “Flow core” to remind him of his posture when he was paddleboarding. “Volume up point five” to remind him to make his voice slightly louder. “No TC” to remind him to lead with his forehead, in a formulation only a formerly fat man would think to use: No triple chin.”



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