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“The fragrance Power was an idea I came up with,” 50-cent said before the launch event for his new cologne. “I wanted to offer confidence. I wanted to make something that smells like success.”

Curtis Jackson, also known as 50-cent is quite the business extraordinaire. When it comes making business deals outside of his music, he’s no rookie.  50 cent has his own clothing line, video game for playstation, co-wrote a novel, and in 2007 started his own film production company.

In addition to the launch of 50-cent’s new cologne this past week, he told sources that he will be releasing  a perfume for women soon, with Kim Kardashian as the spokeswoman. On Monday, the digital version of 50’s “Before I Self Destruct” album will be released, while the physical LP lands in stores November 16. Be sure to check it out! What do you think?


10 thoughts on “50 CENT: POWER/ “BEFORE I SELF DESTRUCT”

  1. mya

    I love 50! The man has talent! Not so sure about his new cd…..anyone hear that song with ester dean? or whatever her name is…she kinda sounds like a fake rihanna/ lady gaga

  2. james

    I know exactly what song your talking about!!!! wack!!! Hope his cd is good ….the last one was ..well lets just say HORRIBLE!

  3. serendipity

    50 cent hasn’t come musically to what his 1st cd presented. I have to give him credit, because he’s accomplished a lot outside of the rap game, but for some reason it’s hard to take him seriously. Perhaps he should give up his career as a rapper and just stick to his business efforts!

  4. S.

    People will never understand the mind of a true hustler! I could care less for 50’s CD, but when it comes to making moves hands down this man is a genius! Being from NY myself I know how rough it is to make it out of your hood. Both 50 and Jay are two of the smartest wealthiest [black] men in the business. I would not have put black, but it helps to prove a point. Most black artist either make stupid decisions with their money or they are robbed blind because they don’t make the efforts to look into things and protect themselves. To the average person 50’s decision to use Kim as the spokes woman for the perfume is stupid; i.e her sex tape, all the reality shows, etc. It is actually genius! Every woman, young and old wants to look like her, and although their are haters you can’t deny she is bad! I am sure his CD will sell something, but he isn’t really putting himself out there to promote his CD, so maybe he doesn’t care…remember he does own Vitamin Water.

  5. shelly

    serendipity-he would have never gotten the chance to do anything if it wasn’t for his music…yes …he hasn’t put out a single thing that compares to his first cd but you should give him a break….I mean how many rappers do you really hear of that are doing anything other than just rapping???? only a handful right ….he’s even teamed up with latex condoms and created a new line where 100% of the proceeds go to aids research

  6. Mythoughts

    Oh most definitely, I agree he is a hustler. This man has surrounded himself with very sharp business folks, but by no means do I credit him as the business genius behind this mega empire. I see him as just another hip- hop artist that isn’t giving back to the community. We don’t need more images of men like 50. It’s a joke right…a grown man calls himself 50?

  7. serendipity

    S. I understand your point, but we have to put it in a global context here. Like I said, many of these women are in third world countries. That means that they may not be educated themselves ie able to even write their own name, may be forced into sex or relationships at very very young ages (sex is not always a choice for women), and could be unable to provide for a child… I’m talking basic needs here, like clean water. Yes, abortion is murder, but isn’t slowly starving an infant to death worse? And if there are a high percentage of women dying in childbirth, then the woman and the child are threatened. My bottom line is that the drug has to be accessible. There are always people out there who are going to abuse drugs. Alcohol is legal and people still illegally drink and drive. Should we outlaw it completely just because some people accidentally kill others when they drive drunk? And that’s actually a dumb example, because alcohol has absolutely no benefits, so it doesn’t even compare….

  8. serendipity

    woops wrong post ! I agree with mythoughts completely… how do we even know how much he personally contributes to these businesses besides a name and $$? I did give him credit for his work outside of rap, but my question is does he need to continue to put out bad music? It almost takes away from his other accomplishments. And he definitely should start using his actual name at this point.

  9. ella

    this guy is involved in everything under the sun! i would say he’s well-rounded..but he is not excelling at EVERYTHING he is doing…but he is making money… which is probably why he has the ‘baby by me’ track!

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