September 17, 2009 The Unbiased Writer

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With only 15 days left until the International Olympic Committee makes a decision on a host city for the 2016 Olympics, President Obama made final pitch to Olympic Committee yesterday. “Chicago is ready,” Obama said during an event featuring Olympians, Paralympians and local schoolchildren. “The American people are ready. We want these Games.” As it stands, Obama will not travel to Copenhagen for the I.O.C. vote on October 2, because of the current pressing issue of health care reform. However, Obama announced that he will be sending first lady Michelle Obama to represent the country at the conference.  Chicago will be competing against Madrid, Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic bid. Chicago residents see this as an opportunity to attract billions of dollars in economic development to their city and raise its international profile.

With strong support that stretches from Chicago City Hall to the White House, and a strong relationship with Olympic Committee, Chicago feels it has a strong foundation to realize this vision. Check out www.chicago2016.org  for more info and up-to-date news. What do you think? We presented the facts, what’s your conclusion?



  1. Dashawn

    Can we actually afford to be the host of the Olympics? I mean let’s be honest, we are going through a GREAT DEPRESSION, and despite this “end of the recession talk” we are broke people. I only think Obama is going hard for this because its his hometown. I mean don’t get me wrong I would love to experience the Olympics in my Country, but I feel everyone will spend money to get their they don’t have.

    On the other side of the spectrum this could possibly be a great way to collect some cash money, God knows we need it! I have never been to Chi-Town, but if this happens, you can count me in…broke or not lmao and smh

  2. ashleyel

    I can’t lie. Tokyo and Rio would be two amazing locations for the Olympics to be held, and I’d definitely go to either city. But the last Olympics was already in an Asian country, and it’d be a great boost to our economy to have them here at home. So, my fingers are crossed that the windy city gets picked. Obama is hot right now, so I think we have a good chance!

  3. J.tini

    If they have the Olympics here that would bring people from far corners to spend money here and there is a highly likely chance we would get pick bc of Obama is a president liked by many nations. This can actually rejuvenate the United States overall image to its place where other countries can look to us as a place of prosperity.

  4. jenniferreid

    dude tokyo’s had their time…twice! love, love chicago but rio is bomb and we need to see the olympics in latin america. once in mexico city is not enough.

  5. ella

    rio would be amazing!! but then again anything to help our economy out would be GREAT so I’m all for the olympics in the windy city!

  6. ashleyel

    If it’s in Rio… i’ll probably be there. but hey jenniferreid, at least there’s a mexican population in chicago right? HAHAHAHAHHHA

  7. Sharbar1128

    I really think this is what our country needs for an ecomonical boost. Imagine how many job opportunities this will bring to the unemployed. I just wish I could afford to go see some of it if it does happen.

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