April 2, 2017 The Unbiased Writer

Lamborghini has revealed a new electric supercar concept in collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Revolutionizing the future of electric super sport cars, the ‘Terzo Millennio‘ concept focuses on different dimensions of technology and design. Using innovative materials and energy storage systems, the ‘Terzo Millennio‘ concept can conduct its own health monitoring to detect cracks and damages. Embodying the ‘Lamborghini spirit’ while incorporating new electric technologies, the overall design utilizes entirely new architecture to perfect airflow. Take a closer look below:



  1. Larry Gaubatz

    I did a similar treatment to an early trimpph tiger cub 250cc,sorry no picture cause I was 16 years old and am 65 now. You did a better job. Beautiful.

  2. Zompano

    Wow. It’s amazing how quickly they can go from concept to reality having an actual prototype
    Does this have a drive train in it or is it just a roller…..does sort of remind me of the new ford gt

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