September 18, 2009 The Unbiased Writer


Whitney Houston recently discussed her troubled marriage and drug addiction during a two part interview with Oprah. The interview was carefully timed for the season premiere of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which is approaching its 25th anniversary. During the interview Whitney Houston promoted her new chart-topping “I Look to You” CD, talked about life with and divorce from Bobby Brown, her drug use, and finding her strength. Houston, 46, one of the top selling U.S. female vocalists of all time, attributed her drug abuse to her passion for her husband. “He was my drug,” she said. “I didn’t do anything without him. I wasn’t getting high by myself. It was me and him together.” She discussed their descent into drug abuse (marijuana laced with rock cocaine); and the short-circuiting of her music career.
“I was really afraid of going back into that world called the music industry, you know, what I’m saying? But the music still lives in me. It’s alive,” she said. Houston two weeks ago released “I Look to You,” her first studio album in seven years, which topped the charts in the United States and several other countries.Over her entire career, Houston’s worldwide sales of albums, singles and videos stands at 170 million units. Many people felt the interview was a “staged” Oprah Winfrey moment to help Whitney get back on the charts. People felt it was distasteful and problematic because she lacked personal accountability throughout the interview. What do you think? We presented the facts, what’s your conclusion?



  1. Monica Lomasni

    Can we cut her some slack? Not many people can clean themselves up. She isn’t just some random women, she is Whitney Houston, so everyone wants to know. She probably is still uncomfortable talking about everything, and Oprah’s crew monitored what was to be said I’m sure. I am happy she is better than before.

  2. missy

    shes nuts! still a crackhead …its only a matter of time and she will be doing it again …watch and see…she hasnt changed

  3. Mythoughts

    I hope she makes it, we all love a come back story.
    It was very brave of her to finally admit what everyone already knew about her drug addictions. Listening to the interview it obvious the drugs have taken a heavy toll on her life. That beautiful voice maybe gone forever.

  4. Sharbar1128

    I agree with Monica, give her a break. When woman fall in love they fall hard. Therfore, her strong love for Bobbie made her get caught up in some crazy stuff that she probably would of never experienced in life. She knew, as stated, he was her biggest drug. She got rid of him and cleaned her self up. By getting rid of the thing that was holding her back the most is a huge start towards her recovery. She went back to her biggest love “music”.

  5. ella

    she is very strong to admit to her drug problem and yes she was an amazing artist…but i dont think she will ever have that same voice.

  6. Topherelite

    It seems that we, the general audience of the entertainment industry, have a hard time accepting that entertainers are subject to the same ailments that we fear of suffering from. I am sure we all know someone that has, to succintly put it, lost their brains. This is what happened to Ms. Houston, and she is not the first celebrity/entertainer to go “apeshit”. We need to stop expecting so much from these people, stop making them feel obligated to turn out some product even though they lack the talent to do so.

  7. JstBreal

    I agree with OMISSIONS, he didn’t force her to do it, they were splitting up every other day. She needs to take responsibility for her actions. Great idea for Oprah to kick off her new season with this interview, Jay Leno as well with Kanye; interview crazy black people who don’t know how to accept responsibility for their actions. Ratings, Ratings, Ratings!

  8. S.

    She could have been an icon like Michael Jackson, but for her a come back seems a little dated. Better luck next time.

  9. Ms.Lee

    Whitney, Whitney, Whitney!!!! She went from being on top to hitting rock bottom. Everyone has done things in life that they are not proud of. We should give her some love.

  10. tanner

    Its really sad..really sad…I’m sitting here watching the interview and its sad watching Whitney. I don’t think we will ever see the old Whitney again.I think her family should have been more interested in helping her clean up her life then push her to put out a cd…smh

  11. IAM....M

    Love her, and she deserves another chance..She’s changed and we should give her the respect and love she deserves….until otherwise…..M

  12. micole

    I hope she really keeps it together… But I dont know if she’ll ever be the old whitney 🙁 Do you think those are her real teeth??

  13. J.tini

    People makes mistakes all they want is love so why not, just give her some love she admits her mistake to the wold and if blaming someone is what going to stop her addiction so be it.

  14. Brabb87

    Whitney is amazing. She was at the lowest of lows and has ended up on top again cuz of God! She takes ownership of her drug addiction and anyone that saw the interview wld know that. She is the greatest voice the world has ever seen and as usual people always want to bring down greatness. but get over urself ppl. Embrace her! She made it back! Debuted at number 1 and is getting her life back on track! So lay the fuck off her. Shit

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