April 13, 2011 The Unbiased Writer

Tigersapien aspires to be “the f–king best.” In a world where technology is making it much easier for bands to form and break-up in a matter of seconds, the aspiration to be the “effing” best isn’t exactly an easy feat. Yet, Tigersapien continues to push forward and bring their mixture of heavy bass and techno music to large audiences on the East Coast.

This fairly young band, having formed in 2008, consists of four bandmates: RVI (synth/laptop), ERG (bass), CLP (drums), and JTW (singer/guitar). When asked where the name originated from, I was told it was as simple as them making a comparison between Giants’ wide receiver Plaxico Burress and a tiger, while having a few drinks and watching football. A creative but unforced choice, to say the least.

RVI had been working on his own music from a previous project before reconnecting with JTW who had been writing on the side as well. Having an interest in English literature as well as various genres of Music, RVI had plenty to bring to the table. ERG, JTW and RVI were former bandmates, so getting together made sense. Through the Philadelphia music scene, the group met CLP—an experienced drummer who had been in various groups before Tigersapien. Together, the four were complete.

RVI has been playing and experimenting with music since the 6th grade. He continued to jump from band to band, always developing his style and musical influences along the way. The other members have similar backgrounds, all joined several bands before forming Tigersapien—hopefully for years to come. Each member brings their own musical background, such as RVI’s interests in Motown, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, or ERG’s harder metal influences, to create the unique sound the band constantly aims to produce. RVI describes their music as electronic/heavy bass fused with a DJ vibe that mixes much more than just turntables, adding guitars and other instruments into the mix.

RVI and CLP will sit and begin the initial songwriting process before receiving input from the other members, making it a much more complete process with contributions from everyone. Ultimately, giving their music a unique mixture of several genres that is honed into a driving sound.

RVI promises that they will continue to write until it either becomes too forced or no longer fun. Their main goal being to progress and constantly develop their sound to increase the quality and keep things exciting. The ultimate goal is to release music that the audience can become engaged with and actively participate along with them.

Playing live is something Tigersapien relishes most. The band has already developed a strong fan base in their home territory of Philadelphia as well as in Buffalo, New York. They hope to reach the West Coast someday soon, until then; the East Coast will do just fine.

The band has released several EPs—currently available on iTunes—and plan on releasing their full-length album sometime in the near future. Check them out on their websites and log onto iTunes to hear some of their previous work. Tell us what you think?

Written by Bryan Gonzalez (follow @bagonzal)





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