September 23, 2014 The Unbiased Writer

kendrick lamar i

Kendrick Lamar fans get excited! The Compton rapper shared the lead single for his highly-anticipated sophomore album, which is due later this year. Produced by Rahki, the track is titled ‘I’ and samples the Isley Brothers’ hit record, ‘That Lady.’ 

‘There’s some music I’ve been listening to that I haven’t really been talking about. I haven’t been listening to any rap for the last six months. I bought the whole Isley Brothers collection. I know all these songs, because they were playing in my house growing up. But, I didn’t know what I was singing … Now, I realise they were talking about some serious relationship sh*t – being in love, being out of love … They were on some grown sh*t.’ Kendrick Lamar -Flaunt Magazine

Press play play below to check out his new music:

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