May 8, 2014 The Unbiased Writer


Pharrell Williams was selected to cover W Magazine’s annual Art Issue which hits newsstands May 27th. Pharrell opens up to W’s Lynn Hirschberg about his solo music career, art, his now infamous hat, and what makes him happy in the exclusive interview:

“After ‘Happy’ took off, I saw that my insignia should be an equal sign,” Williams said. He stuck out his feet, which were shod in distressed white Stan Smith sneakers that he had customized with brightly colored oil-paint pens. Williams had drawn a green equal sign on the toe box of his left foot, which pointed to a yellow daisy on the right shoe. “I have a new clothing collaboration with Adidas,” he continued. “And it’s called Adidas = Pharrell Williams. I know I can’t trademark the equal sign, and that’s fine with me because, you know what? It’s just…equal. The ‘Happy’ video is about equality; my music is about equality, and being associated with the idea of equal got me where I am now.”



Head over to W Magazine for the full interview. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below!


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