February 7, 2017 The Unbiased Writer

lion-babe-rocketsLion Babe is back with a new track off their forthcoming EP. The music duo recruited Moe Moks to add some island flair to their latest single dubbed, ‘Rockets.’ The group’s producer Lucas recently spoke with Marie Claire saying, ‘There has definitely been a lot of learning from this record, things that we won’t want to do again, but overall we’re really proud of it and it does show to us all the things that we tried and could do. It feels good to have it finally out. More than anything to be able to share more. For us, it was the longest time of only having four songs out, and we’re like, ‘But we know we have like 30 songs in my iTunes that are waiting to be heard by the people,’ so now we can continue to make more and people can begin to listen, so it feels good.’  Press play below to check out Lion Babe‘s new single ‘Rockets‘ featuring Moe Moks.


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