September 14, 2009 The Unbiased Writer

MTV Video Music Awards Show

MTV’s Video Music Awards is a time when artists and fans come together to pay tribute and celebrate individual’s accomplishments within the music industry.  There is no doubt this award show is nothing short of the most musically driven, insanely thrilling and ultimately, the most-talked about awards show on television. Its not surprising that incident between recording artists Kanye West and Taylor swift is still making headlines. Last night after Taylor Swift received the award for Best Female Video, artist Kanye West took the stage to publicly protest her winning the award over singer/actress Beyonce Knowles.  Since the event, Kanye West apologized on his blog stating,  “I’m sooooo sorry to Taylor Swift and her fans and her mom.” His actions were frowned upon by fellow artists who felt it was wrong and inappropriate. What do you think? We presented the facts, what’s your conclusion?

Tonight Kanye West will appear live  on the Jay Leno Show, be sure to tune in and check it out!



  1. Mythoughts

    Kanye is a Fool, and half the things he says and does are very strange.
    He might be a very talented artist, but when it comes to common sense he definitely missed the boat!

  2. J.tini

    He needs to stop drinking so much. Yet what really goes on behind curtains of old producers that aren’t of our generation? What if Beyonce really did won the award and they pulled the award from her just so they can keep successful black artist at a minimum? I don’t condone his actions that he did. He should have use another means like his music to express his torment but humiliating a 19 year old girl that is innocent of the votes and politics of what goes on isn’t acceptable. To tell you the truth I prefer Ciara to win the aware she really dedicate herself to her performances that you can see it. A true performer makes a performance looks easy, and Ciara is tone enough to express it.

  3. S.

    Wake up everyone!!!! Kanye is about his money, and clearly he was paid for the coincidental appearance on the premier of the new Jay Leno show (the day after the VMAs). Since day one Kanye has had his share of controversial comments and stunts. I do feel sorry for Taylor Swift, but to be quite honest I believe the press they are both receiving should keep them both happy. These two artist are the talk of THE WORLD right now, it has even trickled into politics; causing media frenzy over cyberspace. Overall, both Beyonce and Taylor Swift handled the situation very well. For Mr. West this is nothing less than normal, nothing will ever stop his cockiness, not even the death of his mother. You’d think that would’ve humbled him, but he only thinks money!

  4. Sharbar1128

    Kanye is an arrogant cry baby prick that needs to stop causing scenes everywhere he goes. They need to stop inviting him to award shows, talk shows, and def. live television shows. Taylor Swift should of gave him a nice Swift kick in his black ass.

  5. Ms.Lee

    Kanye is very arrogant and does not think before he speaks. Taylor is only 17 and Kanye was definitely out of place, but what do they say, all publicity is good publicity. Before this incident, I did not know anything about Taylor Swift. Now I know who she is and listened to a few of her tracks. Maybe Taylor should call Kanye and tell him Thank you…….

  6. Mya

    He is so fucking childish. I hope someone hurts his damn feelings one day. He really thinks he shit doesn’t stink.

  7. Pookie

    agree with mya! i feel so bad for that girl, it was the moment of her life and his sorry ass had to ruin it! pathetic.

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