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According to Pennsylvania court records, Jon Gosselin’s divorce lawyer filed a petition with Montgomery County court system to withdraw as Jon’s counsel. The divorce from wife of ten years, Kate Gosselin, was set to be finalized in mid October. However, the process will likely be delayed. On a recent episode of The View, Kate announced that she will no longer be wearing her wedding ring, and told viewers that she has no plans to date anytime soon. When asked about recent comments her husband made during an ABC interview, she responded by saying, “I wouldn’t stoop to his level, I am a high-road taker.” She goes on to say, “I need to do this for my kids. I need to continue on. Whatever is going to play out, we will see.” Jon however, made it clear that he’s moving forward with his love life, and recently told the media that he loves his new girlfriend, Hailey, more than he did Kate. It will be interesting to see what’s in store next for the Gosselin family. What do you think? We presented the facts, what’s your conclusion?


12 thoughts on “JON & KATE PLUS 8: DIVORCE DELAYED

  1. Ms. Ladybug

    Its so sad because the kids are really gonna be messed up in the end….I think the show should end …its bad enough we have a million disfunctional families….we dont need more …especially one that recieves as much press as they do!

  2. Brenda J.

    Kate is one tough cookie! She seems to be playing the innocent role, when if you watch the show she is the pant wearer of the two. She ran all over her husband and ran him out. She uses her kids for attention, if it was actually about the kids she would not be interviewing about her and Jon’s marriage/divorce, let alone posing for the paparazzi. My condolences go to all 8 of the children, hopefully they won’t grow up to be like their parents (money hungry and tabloid ready).

  3. sean

    I agree! what about the kids???? I feel like everyone is so caught up into whats going on and no one is realizing that these are real people and when the kids grow up they are gonna have alot to deal with!

  4. S.

    Typical money hungry parents. It seems all you have to do now adays is pop out a little more than the average amount of kids, and you will get the world:

    Nation wide recognition for your hair, a television show that rings bells, monthly magazine and tabloid covers, and even television interviews about your life drama and that famous haircut of yours.

    SMFH America, SMFH!

  5. Mythoughts

    I agree this show should come to an end. Jon is getting way too much play from the media, and he looks and sounds like a wounded dog. Kate on the other hand is a hard-ass. Show or no show that chick will always find a way to make it.
    All of this media coverage can’t be good for those kids.

  6. Sharbar1128

    I am so tired of so called parents using their kids to make fast money. You throw them on television like they are show dogs and then destroy what should and could have been a normal childhood. Now they are scorned by the greed, fame, perks, and lime light of reality television. They need to cancel the show and put what ever monies made into trust funds for the kid’s college education. God knows how much it will cost to send all 8 of them to college 12+ yrs from now. Jon and Kate should be made to go to counseling.

  7. J.tini

    Kate is going to be able to raised her kids in a way that they won’t have too much problems. I think she is fully aware of what she put her kids through and in effect she works hard to make sure that they’re sane. The divorce is heartbreaking but Jon was a deadbeat you could even see it on the show he was just plain lazy gaining weigh. 😛 Its sad to see how they started happy in love to bitter and distant.

  8. Pookie

    These 2 are ridiculous…they represent everything that is wrong with American families. Jon is a baby and attention whore, but Kate isn’t much better. In fact, I think she is a total b***h, and I HATE her haircut.

  9. C-ney

    Kate was a lil over the top on the show, I admit it was funny watching her doggg Jon out on the show sometimes, but he’s handling the divorce really badly…all the business that he’s airing publicly now is going to have a lasting effect on the kids..He’s really acting like a loser. Grow Up Jon! So So Sad

  10. micole

    what an ass… Jon nees to try and work it out with his wife. He’s got all them kids. I think he’s just tryin to get his 15 sec of fame since Kate never let him get it on the show… Damn how much you think he’ll have to pay in child support??

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