October 14, 2009 The Unbiased Writer


Singer John Mayer will celebrate the Nov. 17 release of his new album, “Battle Studies,” with a concert at the Beacon Theatre. Mayer’s show follows in the footsteps of Jay-Z’s Sept. 11th  Madison Square Garden concert to celebrate the release of his “Blueprint 3” album, and Dave Matthews Band’s show at the Beacon Theatre in the summer to kick off its “Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King” release.

John Mayer’s first album in three years, “Battle Studies” features the lead single “Who Says,” a folk-inspired acoustic number that finds Mayer asking, “Who says I can’t get stoned?” In a recent interview with MTV news, Mayer disscussed  the countroversy over lyrics ued in the song. In response to the questions, he stated everyone is too concerned with their images these days, and he blames the Internet and gossip blogs for that. “We live in what I call ‘The Hatrex,’ ” he said. “It’s this Internet matrix … fake-world people criticizing other people and putting other people down in their heads. And for me, it was like, this is a cool little song. I’m going to use it to tell people to sit down and the shut the eff up … and let me buy you a beer.” At the end of the interview, he discloses that the actual song is about freedom and living your life.

Pre-sale tickets go on sale this Friday (Oct. 16) at Mayer’s official fan club Web site. According to sales records, Mayer’s last album, 2006’s “Continuum,”  sold 2,418,000 copies. Will his up coming album live up to the fans expectations? What do you think?




  1. S.

    John Mayer!!!! I am glad he is back, and rid of that crazy lady Jen. A. lol. 3 years is a long time…wonder what was going on.

    “The Hatrex” LMFAO, I am glad unbiasedwriter is not in that category.

    The song and video are both very good, props given to JM.

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