October 2, 2009 The Unbiased Writer


The over-the-top collaboration between Kanye West and Lady Gaga on upcoming, “Fame Kills” tour was canceled. News broke late yesterday after a promoter for the tour sent out a press release officially announcing the cancellation. So far, both Kanye West and Lady Gaga have remained silent on the matter, giving no reasons for canceling the tour. Tabloid sites have speculated the Fame Kills tour was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. The question is how can two music stars like Kanye West and Lady Gaga fail to bring in the crowds? Could this be a backlash over the Kanye West – Taylor Swift incident at the MTV Video Music Awards? The negative press over the incident has left a bad taste in a lot of fan’s mouths. The music industry is all about profit and with low ticket sales  the monetary gain might not have been enough to satisfy the headliners and backers of the “fame kills” tour. It will be interesting to see what comes from this, and who will speak out first about the canceled tour. What do you think?



  1. robertdoyle

    I think it has something to do the incident that happen between taylor swift and kanye……lady gaga doesnt want the bad publicity

  2. S.

    It was all a matter of time before something like this happened to Kanye West. As much as people can not help to like his music many are “over” him. It sucks that he is messing up cash flow for others, because Lady Gaga is in a ridiculous amount of debt right now [actually bankrupt].

  3. Mythoughts

    Yes, this is backlash. People can only take so much of Kanye West crazy behavior. Then you try to throw Lady Gaga into the mix and the only reaction that comes to mind is “CRAZY BIZARRE”

  4. ashleyel

    Agreed… I’ve heard many people make comments in regards to how they have a totally different perception of Kanye now and I feel like he has lost popularity amongst some of his fans. People are still going to respect his music, but spending money to go and see a performance is something that people usually only do when they truly love that entertainer.

  5. howwwtacky

    i believe that he’s very sorry and ashamed at what he did to taylor…i believe that if he could go back in time and take it back, he would…there could very well be the reason (poor ticket sales), and it could very well not be the reason …hopefully they’ll share it with someone that doesn’t mind telling their business 🙂 …if that is the case, she could probably sue kanye…i think i would make him compensate me for lost sales

  6. c-ney

    Yes I agree that it most definately is related to the incident with Taylor Swift…he’s always been a little bold and spoken his mind about anything n’ everything, but this time he went too far, and came off like an asshole! Too bad his concert was cancelled, he’s very talented, but as of late his obnoxious behavior has overshadowed his talent as a musician, what a shame!!

  7. Victor

    Went too far this time? Came off like an asshole? To begin with, speaking one’s mind does not equate with being an artist. I think he’s completely talentless and the behavior he showed at the VMA’s is totally consistent with everything he’s done in the past.

    He’s nothing but an ignorant, loud mouth idiot, who’s proud of the fact that he never even graduated from college. How anyone sees him as an artist is an insult to people with actual talent, whether its in the realm of singing, the written word, etc.

    I hope he goes away but there are far too many ignorant people for him to ever truly disappear. If nothing else, he can always fall back on his race and claim that white america “doesn’t like black people”. That will buy him at least some measure of sympathy.

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