October 6, 2009 The Unbiased Writer

chrisbrown(photo: getty images)

On Oct. 27th, at the Izod Center in New Jersey, Chris Brown will headline New York radio station Power 105.1’s Powerhouse concert.  The performance will be the singer’s first major appearance at an event since February 8th, the day of his altercation with ex-girlfriend Rihanna that led to assault charges and ended with a sentence of probation and community service.  Pictures of Brown picking up trash on the streets of Virginia, his home state, were taken last week when he began his 180-days of labor.  In October, Brown will perform along with Fabolous, Keri Hilson, The Dream, Mario, Trey Songz, Ginuwine, and Day 26.   With his community service underway and the upcoming concert, Chris Brown may finally be able to put the past behind him and reassert himself as the major pop icon that he once was.  What do you think?



  1. S.

    This is great! I am not for what he did, but he has handled this far better than Jay-z’s #2 Puppet Rhianna. She has yet to comment on anything and she is acting as if it never happened when she was involved int he situation as well. I have always been somewhat of a I guess you’d say fan of his, but just because he is a great performer. I hope he is able to make moves from this and continue on a successful career!


  2. ella

    im surprised hes coming back already…just thought it would take longer for him to resurface and hit the stage…I’m curious to see the turnout at his performance

  3. Mythoughts

    I hope people will give this man another chance. He was a victim of domestic violence. Having to stand by and watch his mother beaten for years would have to affect his perception of women.
    Belive me I’m not excusing his behavior, I just feel sorry for him.

  4. Sharbar1128

    I think he deserves a comeback. I mean come on other entertainers have messed up and have been excepted back, why not him. Trust me I didn’t approve of what he did but like it has been said we were not all there to know exactly what went down. She isn’t speaking so we only have one side to the story. I just hope that he learns from his mistake and doesn’t take what he has for granted. He is so young to let his talent get wasted and career end over something like that.

  5. micole

    Well I’m glad to hear that he’s back working again. I definitely think he needed to learn from his mistakes with Rihanna but he should be allowed to move on with his life.

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