June 9, 2017 The Unbiased Writer

At age 26, SZA stands at the forefront of a popular music wave of alternative-R&B that has slowly started to infiltrate mainstream pop. Since her first mixtape in 2012, the talented songstress has crafted her own unique sound that is a meditative refuge from big production. Her new album ‘Ctrl‘ makes clear what’s on her mind: desire in all its complications. Taking inspiration from artist that are clearly beyond the borders of hip-hop and R&B, her first album for a major label is all about accepting what you can’t control. Staying true to the leisurely tempos of her previous work, SZA fully commands the foreground of her songs with a natural and unaffected sound that is upfront. In a continuing process to find her own identity, she discusses how insecurities weight-down on her self-respect leaving her unsure about feelings. Each song is an unexpected emotional journey that leaves you asking questions and wanting more. After listening to the entire project one thing is clear, the St. Louis born singer has arrived. As the music scene evolves and heads in a new direction, there are a handful of up and coming artists who understand that; SZA is one of them. Without further delay, preview SZA‘s ‘Ctrl‘ album in the player below:


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