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Maurice Sendak wrote what is now possibly the most beloved children’s story of all time: Where the Wild Things Are. A film is being released this Friday, October the 16th  that will be loosely based on the classic tale. The creative minds behind  the project  are Dave Eggers and Spike Jonze. Both Eggers and Jonze have made their mark in their respective fields. As a fiction writer and editor, Dave Eggers has garnered all kinds of acclaim, and his writing has often been compared to the legendary  David Foster Wallace, arguably a genius of the written word.

 On the contrary, Spike Jonze, has had anything but a normal career in the film industry. Jonze’s films are original, sometimes mind-boggling, and surprisingly kindhearted. Jonze’s film choices have never been ordinary, which is why  Where The Wild Things Are fits perfectly into that scheme. The film will be nearly nothing like the book, of course, we can expect Sendak’s original message to be embedded within the film, but the plot is very different.  

Children’s books rarely have much plot, a direct adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s book would only last about ten minutes on a movie screen. Lucky for us, as viewers, the men behind the film are masterful storytellers.  Dave Eggers recently wrote a novel based on the film script. The book is called The Wild Things and has already hit bookshelves in hard cover. Critics say this film is one of the most highly anticipated book adaptations in a long time. This film has audiences of all ages thrilled to go to the theater. “There’s One in All of Us.” Check out the movie this upcoming Friday. What do you think?




  1. james

    Dont know how I feel about this movie.Looks neat…..remember reading the book but dont really remember the plot of the book????

  2. S.

    This was one of my favorite books when I was a child. I remember it being in a yellow book in Elementary…enough of that! It seems to be worthy of some cash this Friday. I hope it is not too kiddy tho, we will see.

  3. howwwtacky

    i still cannot believe they made this book into a movie!…i think that that’s AWESOME!…i will be watching this one…i’m too cheap to go to the movies to see it…i will, however, wait a day or so until someone downloads it onto the internet!!..lol

  4. ashleyel

    It’s hard to please everyone when famous books are adapted, so I’m interested to see what the film critics and the fans will say. It looks extremely visually appealing though, and I’m just glad that they didn’t settle on using the same old style of cgi and 3d animation that is dominating everything these days. I’ll probably check it out opening weekend.

  5. ella

    childhood classic book!! cant wait to see this movie!

    now only if they made a goodnight moon movie hahaha i know you guys remember that book!

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