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In theaters this November, Precious, a movie produced by Lionsgate in association with Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry has already received acclaim. Based on the novel “Push” by sapphire the movie is about he human capacity to grow and overcome. Winner of three awards at the Sundance Film Festival, Precious stars Mo’Nique, Paula Patton, Mariah Carey, Sherri Shepard, Lenny Kravitz and newcomer Gabourey Sidibe.

Set in Harlem in 1987, it is the story of Claireece “Precious” Jones, a sixteen-year-old African American girl born into a dysfunctional life no one would want. Pregnant for the second time by her absent father; at home, she must deal with her mother (Mo’Nique), a poisonously angry woman who abuses her physically and emotionally. School is a place of disorder, and Precious has reached the ninth grade with good marks and an awful secret : she can neither read nor write.

 Precious may sometimes be down, but she is never out. Beneath her impassive expression is a determined, curious young woman with an unshakeable sense that other possibilities exist for her. Threatened with expulsion, Precious is offered a chance to transfer to an alternative school. Precious doesn’t know the meaning of “alternative,” but her instincts tell her this is the chance she has been waiting for. In the literacy workshop taught by the patient yet firm Ms. Rain (Paula Patton), Precous begins a journey that will lead her from the pain, darkness, and powerlessness to love, courage and self determination.


An Education

 In CONTRAST, An Education, is about Jenny, a girl with a much different story. An unforgettable coming-of-age story, which takes place in London during the 60’s, Jenny (Carey Mulligan) is a bright young girl who finds herself in a romantic relationship with a much older David (Peter Sarsgaard). Prior to meeting David, Jenny was attending a prep school to get into Oxford. Once she sees the lifestyle David can provide, one she never imagined might so easily be hers, she is hooked and thoughts of Oxford go out the window. David leads Jenny to believe that she can learn things outside the classroom, casting doubt on her future plans. When things are looking pretty good for Jenny with David, the truth hits her like a ton of bricks. Jenny goes from being a bright eyed school girl to a sophisticated young lady and then all the way back to questioning if she really knows who she is at all. An Education won the Audience Choice award and the Cinematography award at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. This film is set to be released for limited viewing on October 9th.


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16 thoughts on “SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL WINNERS| Precious/ An Education

  1. james

    Cant wait to see the Precious! Movie looks great! I heard that Mariah Carey and Monique give award winning preformances in the movie! As for the other movie….it looks interesting…might have to check that out as well…either way both of the films look like they will be box office hits this year!

  2. omissions


    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs.

  3. Sean

    ummmm….the cast sounds awesome but i dont think i really want to hear about a kid struggling in school. hits too close to home for me especially about reading and spppeellin’

  4. IAM....M

    I’m excited that this moving is coming out finally!!! I saw previews for this movie moyhs ago..Looks really good and i cant wait. Tyler and Oprah created a smash i’m sure of this…Cant wait!!!

  5. ashleyel

    What’s so awesome to me about Sundance is that it gives films like these ones… which major studios probably would never pick up and thus neither would theatres… a chance to shine! I’m really excited to see Precious. I think that the content matter is totally relevant right now. And to Pookie… Sapphire, the author of Push, is a Toni Morrison-esque poet, so that makes sense. What I almost like more though is that her story is set in contemporary society rather than historical fiction.

  6. Sharbar1128

    I can’t wait to see the movie Precious. I don’t think I would be to interested in seeing the other one. My daughter seen the trailer to Precious months ago and begged me to buy the book for her. She couldn’t put it down, she is 12. I found it quite interesting that she said she had a hard time following some of the story because it is written in improper English the way Precious would actually speak. That was a good sign that she knew it wasn’t correct but could still some what follow most of it. I will read it right before the movie premieres.

  7. jennifer louise

    have heard so much about precious, can’t wait to see it! i saw tyler perry’s name and was shocked, but now i see he is just producing it thank god. i wonder who lenny kravitz plays…?

  8. ella

    Life is hard
    Life is short
    Life is painful
    Life is rich
    Life is precious
    Looks like a great movie and I would want to read the book before I watch the film!

    An Education looks pretty good as well!

  9. S.

    I am glad to see that Mariah did not take the Beyonce route and player herself acting like someone else in the film. She looks as human as I have ever seen her, and when I say human I mean exactly that:

    no lbs of makeup
    boobs all in MY face 😉
    half a shirt as a dress

    I can not stand Tyler Perry, but I will not hate because this looks very good. I am glad he didn’t try to slip on a dress and get a couple of HOURS of spotlight for himself. I do not want to read the book because they always differ and I want to like the movie.

  10. S.

    I was so into bashing Tyler Perry I forgot to comment on An Education. I want to see that, yes I am a sucker for love! I play the cello so that part of the film has my attention. I don’t know what it is about Alfred Molina, but I enjoy his performances. This seems to have substance unlike many of the films about Americans [speaking as if I’m not one]

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