March 1, 2014 The Unbiased Writer

With Hollywood’s biggest night less than 24hrs away, we’ve got you covered! To make sure you’re in the loop of all the action surrounding the 86th annual Academy Awards, our staff is on hand to bring you the latest coverage. Arguably one of the best lineups for Best Picture, check out the top nominees above. You can follow all Unbiased Writer’s Oscar coverage on social media using the hashtag #UWOscars. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below!



Unbiased Writer’s Top Nominees for Best Picture

Gravity – Birthed from the imagination of a father-son team of director Alfonzo Cuaron and his son, screenwriter Jonas Cuaron- this science fiction blockbuster expands what’s possible for cinema. Director James Cameron called it “the best space film ever.”

Her – Director Spike Jonze continues to wow audiences with his hallucinatory tales of human emotions. In “Her,” the tendency of humans to become over  reliant on their technological devices is taken to an extreme. Despite its quirky humor, the film tells one of the best romantic stories we’ve seen in a while.

12 Years a Slave – British director Steve McQueen’s film is based on a narrative published in 1853 by Solomon Northup, a married musician who awakened in the nation’s capital in chains and at the mercy of slave traders. Without papers to prove his free status, Solomon is forced into a wrenching odyssey he must overcome.



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