August 3, 2017 The Unbiased Writer

Comedian Aziz Ansari is the cover star of GQ Style‘s fall 2017 issue. After the smashing success of season two of his Netflix show, Master of None, Aziz Ansari vowed to quit the internet. No social media. No e-mail. No laboring over season three. Mark Anthony Green from GQ Style invited the stand-up turned television auteur to be GQ’s plus-one at Paris Fashion Week to catch up and chat about his show, fame, and personal life. Check out images and an excerpt of the interview with Aziz Ansari below. You can read the entire piece over at GQ Style: I’ve been curious about smoking weed, I guess… Especially when people talk about it helping with creativity.
Aziz Ansari: To me, the argument for drugs is that you live your life with this one perspective all the time. Why not just see what it’s like from a different perspective? To be on some crazy drugs.

What’s the most fun drug you’ve ever done?
I’ve done mushrooms a few times, but I’ve never done much beyond that. I gotta be in the right environment to do drugs. Could you imagine if I was on mushrooms right now? It’s like, everyone in this restaurant knows who I am. Do you realize how terrifying that would be? So I really have to be somewhere alone, away from everybody.

How are your paranoia levels generally?
I’m pretty comfortable with myself.

You should be, man. You’re coming off of a major win with season two of Master of None. It seemed like a big evolution from season one..
You get an incredibly different perspective when you do the second season of a show. You know what worked—you know what you were most excited about that you made. [Co-creator] Alan [Yang] and I looked at the episodes from season one, and our favorites were the ones that were really ambitious—where we were really trying something new. They really got people talking, like the “Parents” episode or “Indians on TV.” So this season, we’re like, Let’s just make every episode something like that. Not that we didn’t try to do that the first season, but we were like, Let’s be really aggressive about it. There are a lot of crazy things we tried.


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