March 1, 2018 The Unbiased Writer

Earlier today, Uber launched a new business venture called Uber Health that will serve as a ride-hailing platform available specifically to healthcare providers. Hospitals, clinics, and rehab centers can now assign rides for their patients from a centralized dashboard, without requiring that the rider have the Uber app. Created in response to some alarming statistics about patient care and healthcare client absentee rates, more 3.6 million Americans miss medical appointments because of lack of reliable transportation. ‘Uber’s endeavors into health care trace back to 2014, when Uber first offered on-demand flu shots in large markets across the U.S.,’ said Uber Health General Manager Chris Weber. ‘Since then there have been similar efforts throughout the world, from diabetes and thyroid testing in India, to subsidized rides for breast cancer screening in the U.S., to many more. That said, all of these efforts have been pop-ups.’ Uber Health is not a replacement for emergency service vehicles, but a way that Uber can open up a new line of business while also providing a solution to a problem in the healthcare industry. Share your thoughts below!


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