June 9, 2015 The Unbiased Writer

Patrick-ParchmentWant a body you’ll be proud to show shirtless this summer? Update your ab routine with the following eight tips that will help you sculpt a stronger, more chiseled midsection in time for beach season. We teamed up with fitness trainer/ nutritionist Patrick Parchment to put together a list of simple tips you can follow to help you achieve the perfect six pack. From varying your exercises to train your packs to eating healthy and avoiding fast food, check out the list below:

1. It’s all about nutrition. Eat clean and healthy, try to avoid fast food and alcohol
2. Low carb – high protein
3. Drink a lot of water
4. Watch your carbs, especially in the evening ( have your last meal by 8pm)
5. Not only cardio – start hitting the weights to build your midsection
6. Start with a full body workout
7. It’s not about repetitions, it’s about intensity (make sure you have proper form)
8. Vary your exercises to train your packs. Not only crunches add leg raises

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