September 30, 2009 The Unbiased Writer


(photos courtesy of GQ)

The 28 year old politician, Aaron Schock recently sat down with GQ Magazine to talk about his life, and career as a politician. Elected a school-board member at 19, Illinois state representative at 23, and U.S. congressman at 27, Schock has experienced a great deal of success at an early age. His popularity with the media and press is excellent news for the Republican Party that hasn’t been doing so well with the younger generations. Congressional leadership sees him as someone who can sell people his age on the power of conservatism.

During his interview with GQ, he said that, “If there was a major failure during the Bush administration, it was a failure to communicate.” He feels that a big part of correcting that is to become more tolerant. Many politicians feel that within a few years he will be one of the dominant forces of the Republican party, and maybe down the line a future presidential nominee.  Keep an eye out for him.What do you think? We presented the facts, what’s your conclusion?


Check  out the new issue of GQ featuring Aaron Schock



  1. Mr. T

    how did he become a member of the school board at 19????? his parents must have money…..wat a fake! its sad what money an do….anyways…..there is no need to sweat …this KID will never be able to contend with Obama

  2. omissions

    Once again, the conventional wisdom had it that Schock was on a fool’s errand and it would be impossible for him to win. He was “too young” and the district was “too Democrat for a Republican to win.” But he ran on this slogan :

    1. To accurately represent the values of the majority of the district’s residents.

    2. To advocate for the economic interests of the district.

    3. To provide constituent service for constituents with problems too complex or with too much red tape for the constituent to solve on their own.

    Representative Schock made constituent service a top priority and has intervened successfully on behalf of hundreds of constituents in need.

  3. omissions

    Democrat or Republican for the most part they are the same. we just need people who make wise decisions and think about the people. Don’t get caught up in your pride…..people

  4. S.

    I mean to be honest, he represents young America in a sense. I look up to Obama, but being young and seeing that someone not too much older than myself has made this many moves so quickly it inspires me to want to push that much harder. Obama break the race barrier and some what the age one as well, but he’s taking the spotlight it seems. And isn’t his number one fan Obama?[ Don’t quote me on that please]

    I definitely agree with Omissions, Dems and Reps are very similar. People just want to feel they are on a side, as opposed to looking at the bigger picture and realizing that there really aren’t sides because we are only one country.

    Putting things into perspective for everyone:

    If you grow up dirt poor, but you work extremely hard and you begin to make millions would you want to give a lot of your hard earned money to people who don’t even try to get a job? I will answer for you and say “Of course not!” Not realizing that is the Republican standpoint, I asked myself that question one day, and since then I have been questioning If I am a complete Democrat.

    What is best for the country, not one’s self! That will be the only way to create peace and equality.

  5. c-ney

    Ohh God…(presidential hopeful?) I hope Not!! The Republicans left this country in such a state of disrepair after Bush left office, its going to take quite a few Presidential terms to get all of this cleared up, and restore our economy. I hope this young conservative hopeful doesn’t get anywhere near the White House anytime soon! Obviously I’m a liberal, if you can’t tell 😉

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