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After patiently waiting for the political climate in Afghanistan to cool down enough for President Obama to decide whether or not the US will sustain a military presence in the country, it would seem as if we were one step closer to receiving a final answer.  President Hamid Karzai was officially declared the victor of Afghanistan’s election when his opponent, Abdullah Abdullah chose to drop out of the scheduled run-off election yesterday.

President Obama has been delaying any major decision making until he knew which Afghan administration he would have to cooperate and negotiate with.  Yet even though the battle over the ballots has been resolved, nobody can decide whether or not Karzai’s victory bodes well for US-Afghanistan relations.  The run-off election was scheduled after the U.N. decided that Karzai had fraudulently won the first time around.  Abdullah withdrew, because he didn’t feel like the second election would be any fairer.

President Obama did call to congratulate Karzai and suggest that this be the beginning of a new chapter between the two countries.  Yet he also advised that Karzai attempt to control the corruption within his administration: “As I indicated to him, the proof is not going to be in words, it’s going to be in deeds.”  After many weeks of meetings with his war council, Obama is now positioned to decide from among a range of options for a US strategy:

• A counterterrorism approach that would focus on narrower attacks against Al Qaeda leadership in Pakistan and require fewer troops.

• A counterinsurgency approach that could require more than 40,000 troops and commit the US to Afghanistan for at least several years.

• Or something in between.

Like always, President Obama has stated that he’s not going to make a quick decision, but now that the elections are over, Republicans are increasing the pressure on him and claim that he no longer has an excuse to delay action.  It’s likely that the president will announce his next move within a few weeks.  What do you think?

–Written by Ashley Ellis



  1. jelii

    interesting article! it will be very interesting to see which decision he goes ahead with….I say a little bit of both..wouldn’t you agree?

  2. serendipity

    I know that Obama will take his time with this decision! What’s important is that we do what’s best for the US, and at the end of the day, I just don’t believe that’s keeping so many troops there. It will be interesting to see how an already strained relationship with Karzai plays out.

  3. yennifehr

    thorough reporting, ashley ellis. please keep us posted on the president’s decision. if only the un could do something about the millions of fraudulent votes behind him.

  4. Monique Ellis

    I have full confidence in what ever decision President Obama makes. He is by far the smartest President the US has ever had and I’m sure he will consider all pros and cons. He also is a strong leader who I believe won’t allow anyone who doesn’t have our countries best interest in mind influence him. This is a tough situation and I don’t know if there is a right answer. We will have to wait and see. Moe

  5. Jimmy Banks

    Great article. Pres. Obama is doing the right thing in taking his time to ascertain “TRUTHFUL” intelligence on the good, bad and the ugly of war in Afghanistan after “8” years. Please remember that the U.S. still has military bases in Germany, Japan and Korea even though those wars have long been over for decades. America needs a real progressive partner in Afghanistian’s government if the people of that country are ever going to enjoy basic freedoms that any man, woman and/or child should be entitled to no matter where they live…food, work, education, freedom to worship, clothing, medicine and shelter. Pres. Obama understands that people need a government that listens to her people, change what’s wrong ASAP and act on that change no matter the status quo. He takes his oath of office to heart. Pres Obama is the Commander In Chief and Leader of the Free World. Truly he understands his assignment (domestic and international) and in doing so he must consider the entire global picture…past, present and future. This is not the BUSH Administration people…

  6. S.

    This is a great entry and a topic of tremendous importance. Obama will make a well thought out decision, and I am sure I will back him up 100%. Those damn republicans are always rushing into everything…look at the current situation due to those smart/quick decisions… War is never the answer and I hope Obama can show the world this. I think it is scary how these Presidents somewhat elect themselves…that part of me wants to help the people of there, but in reality we have just as many if not worst problems here. We are a country full of people who don’t have a grasp on reality. Many people in this country don’t care to know what is going on; Rhianna bashing Chris Brown is most important…We have children who don’t go to school because their parents don’t care, young adults drinking and driving on a daily basis, Nation-wide teen pregnancies, Gang rapings, etc. I can go on and on, but like I said before, this is a great story and I wonder exactly how Obama plans to handle the situation.


  7. Sharbar1128

    Very true this is a great article and I agree with all the previous comments. Our president has a huge job to do and I fear that others will influence him to make decisions that he does not want to make. I hope that he is able to make the right decision “his own”.

  8. Mythoughts

    Get Out, Get Out of this crazy country. dont sacrifice any more American lives. This insane fighting has been going on before our parents were born. We have given to much already. We have a choice, and I’m confident our president knows what he must do.

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