October 7, 2009 The Unbiased Writer

(photo: AP)

Earlier today, Pakistan’s foreign minister said  that a proposed multibillion-dollar U.S. aid package is crucial to Islamabad’s efforts to fight terrorists.He called the assistance the “first, very strong signal of a long-term commitment with the people of Pakistan.” The U.S. aid bill would provide Pakistan with $1.5 billion a year over the next five years to spend on democratic, economic and social development programs. It also allows “such sums as may be necessary” for aid to the military as it fights militants who have wreaked havoc in Pakistan and across the border in Afghanistan.

The purpose of the aid bill, is meant to alleviate widespread poverty. However, many Pakistanis see it as a sign of unwanted U.S. influence.  Many U.S. officials worry that Pakistan would not spend huge amounts of U.S. aid properly.  In response, Pakistan’s foreign minister said that it is in his countries best interest to make sure the money is spent on infrastructure and education, in efforts to destroy terrorist and promote a stable economy.

President Obama is scheduled to review the proposed package sometime late this week or early next week. After meeting with U.S. officials, Pakistan’s foriegn minister stated  that there must be more trust between Pakistan and the United States, which has long pushed for Islamabad to do more in fighting extremists. What do you think?



  1. shirley

    NOOOO! This is outrageous! Im sorry there are way too many problems here that need to be addressed!

  2. ashleyel

    We should just focus on getting our own country together first and foremost. Second, we should pull out troops and then supply foreign aid to countries either through their government (if stable) or through the UN and other sources (if unstable). I just think we’d have so much more respect around the world if we did that. What a better way to “fight terrorism” than to just support democracies.

  3. james

    I agree! We have far too many issues going on in our own country …if this gets approved im moving to Canada!!!!

  4. S.

    I am not buying it! Not to sound ignorant, but with all of that oil over there, they can make their own money! For example: Abu Dhabi made 800 million a day during the most recent oil boom. Why are they not borrowing money from them, or any of their other neighbors who make millions off of us daily? I am all for helping people out, but 7.5 billion, they need to be ashamed for asking for that much money! They want us to trust them when we are being killed by their people…

  5. micole

    Aren’t we broke?? when are we gonna stop paying to build schools etc in other countries when we have so many people in our own country that are uneducated or have educations but cant get jobs because WE ARE BROKE!

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