September 16, 2009 The Unbiased Writer


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Earlier today, former President Jimmy Carter received widespread criticism for his remarks about South Carolina Republican Representative Joe Wilson’s “You Lie!” outburst directed at President Obama during a healthcare speech in Congress last week. Carter stated the attack was “based on racism” and that an “overwhelming portion” of similar instances against President Obama are rooted in bigotry. “I don’t see race as an issue. It’s all about the policies that are coming out of the current administration,” said Deneen Borelli, a black conservative who spoke at the protest rally held in Washington Saturday. “I just see this as the race card being used once again to distract the American people from the core issues,” Borelli said. 

The idea that race is behind criticism of Obama has been made by New York Gov. David Paterson and Reps. Charlie Rangel of New York, Diane Watson of California and Hank Johnson of Georgia, but Carter is the highest-profile person so far to push that claim. In response to Carter’s statement, President Barack Obama’s spokesman publicly disagreed with former President. Robert Gibbs who is the White House spokesman told reporters that, “The president does not think it is based on the colour of his skin.”

Obama, America’s first Black president, was steering clear of the “race” issue, weeks after he injected himself into a debate about race in Massachusetts after black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates was arrested at his own home on suspicion of breaking into it. What do you think? We presented the facts, what’s your conclusion?



  1. Sammy

    I honestly feel Obama is scared becuase race is a big issue….I do however feel where is he coming from by making the statements denying race as a factor

  2. S.

    I agree with Deneen Borelli, this does seem to be some sort of a scheme if you will, to cause controversy within our government and country. Many people pull the racist card because it sparks people’s interest right away. I will say I believe many Americans are some what nervous of having an African-American as their president, but I don’t think it is as bad as the media tries to portray it to be. He actually has many supporters in our government, who are willing to stand up for him i.e the passed official rebuke by the House on Tuesday the 15th against Joe Wilson.

  3. Mythoughts

    President Carter is telling it exactly how it is. It’s a fact President Obama has more death threats, and requires more security protection because of his race.
    Here in 2009 we have religous ministers and goverment represenatives calling our president a liar, and saying that they wish he was dead. Some say it’s just freedom of speech,but I say “Hell No” this is fear and ignorance, and racism alive and well. It’s OK to be so blunt because their talking about a black man. If this had happened to an of former presidents I guarentee you they would have found a way to go after these men.
    Of course the president tries to stay away from the race issue. It takes peoples focus away from what he is trying to do. The President is acutely aware each and everyday that he will face resistance because of the color of his skin.
    Let’s keep is real people

  4. Sharbar1128

    Well I truly believe there is a hidden racial issue. I am glad to see that our former President Jimmy Carter spoke out in defense of President Obama.
    Yes, some Afro-Americans love to use the race card as an escape goat but that is usually when they know they are at fault. So with that said, President Obama is not using and has not used the race card because he is not at fault. He is basically standing up for what he believes is the right way to run our country. Obviously other Americans feel strongly on his believes or he would not be our president.
    There were people of many colors and race that put him in the White House not just his own race.

  5. J.tini

    Yes it may have been an added factor, his race, but for Obama to stay focus, as to what is the real concern, will force people to look pass skin color and see it as something insignificant, the way it should be looked at. Yes race is a big problem and yes Obama has aged since he has become president but he is keeping it together. He gives me a glimmer of Abraham Lincoln. He keeps his pains internal and keep business business and personal personal.

  6. Mya

    Racism has been an issue since he announced he was running, and it needs to stop. Obama is a great role model for everyone and he deserves more recognition than he is receiving. I <3 OBAMA 🙂

  7. ashleyel

    Let’s go Jimmy Carter! Bring it. Honestly, I’m tired of people acting like it’s a sin to call someone in our country (particularly in a place of power) a bigot. The truth of the matter is that race is still a big deal in America.. an issue that affects every part of our society. And anyone who can’t see that the RACISTS in America have been criticizing Obama every step of the way is blind. Furthermore, if you hold public office, you should be very careful about the comments that you make. Obama is black. So if you’re going to be critical of him, you’d better have good arguments and make it clear that those arguments have nothing to do with race.

  8. J.tini

    Obama is black AND white something our society has a obivious problem with, just because he is half black everything is overruled. Hell yea race is a problem because people don’t know how to change it. This society just knows how to identify race, not the individual but first the color. Talking about the problem won’t make any changes what Obama is doing is small when it comes to his reaction to racism but in the long run in history when we look back at this, the major focus won’t be color but the problem at hand and hopefully in the future color won’t come first but the individual name instead.

  9. GaryColeman

    It’s an enigma to you because you’re not black, just look up Martin Luther King maybe that would relieve your puzzlement.

  10. purr

    Racism. It is always an issue, and Carter is far too familiar with that plantation mentality, being a deep-south-kind-of-southerner from womb. He can recognize the quiet sound of it, the etiquette-laced subtleties of it, the absolute pervasiveness of it, the smell of it. On the other hand, many others have come from generation when the lines have been blurred due to the Civil Rights Act of the early 1960s, and do not possess an actual ability to detect it at all times. After all, the blatant disrespect for another man because race, is usually played out in the news, on the job, or some other situation where a African-American is being subjected to “racial profiling.” Aside from those types incidences, by and large people 50 and under, really have not experienced the real sting of racism, but Jimmy Carter probably knows much more about than he cares to remember.

  11. omissions

    When will white people stop insisting that blacks exercise personal responsibility, build strong families, educate themselves enough to edit the Harvard Law Review, and work hard enough to become President of the United States, only to threaten to assassinate them when they do?

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