November 16, 2009 The Unbiased Writer


CBS Reports: Where America Stands,”  is a new ambitious project for CBS News that will take a look at America’s position in today’s world. The series will focus on issues such as healthcare, the economy, crime and the military. Each report will compare and contrast America’s current position and what it was 10 years ago.

“CBS Evening News” will be the centerpiece for the reports; in addition “The Early Show,” “Face the Nation” and the network’s radio and online outlets will also participate, said Sean McManus, CBS News president. “People really do want to know how safe we are and could we fight another war if we had to. How strong is our military? Is it stronger than it was 10 years ago? Is it weaker? And how prepared are we for the challenges of the next decade,” said McManus.

The reports will also attempt to make accurate predictions about how things will be like at the start of the 2020s. The series could run for a couple of months and get a real showcase on Katie Couric’s newscast, which could be serious competition for Diane Sawyer.  What do you think?



  1. serendipity

    This show does look really interesting. It would be nice if they discuss where America stands now on global issues as well as domestic ones, because we rarely ever critique ourselves in that way.

  2. S.

    I think this is a great idea, and Diane Sawyer better watch out lol. To be a bit more serious about this, I want to watch news that is factual and relevant…Nowadays we are brainwashed! Our government prioritizes the importance of the news to their liking, not to what may really matter.

    The idea of comparing and contrasting the past with the present is an amazing idea! That is something that we do in my Macro Economics course, but it doesn’t seem to be a pressing issue to many…In order to grow one must reflect upon the past to learn from their mistakes. Maybe people will learn something from watching the news.

  3. Mythoughts

    Excellent…Excellent Idea. Now I just hope that they will approach this project with honest journalism.
    All of us could learn alot from the information from this program.
    Maybe it will help us to prepare better for changes, and problems in the future.

  4. ella

    Finally news that sounds worthwhile! I just hope the information presented isn’t bias which is hard to do from a news standpoint. A few years ago I did a project on different news stations and how their political views coincided with the information presented in the reports. I won’t say the results found for CBS though!

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