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“There is a split”, according to President Barack Obama, among his closest advisers on the war in Afghanistan. Evident after today’s meetings, divisions in his own party over whether to send in thousands more U.S. troops is complicating his efforts to adopt a war policy he can sell to a public grown weary of the 8-year-old conflict. Support for the war has fallen drastically among Americans, with just more than half now saying the conflict is not worth the fight. With top military commanders and congressional Republicans pushing for a troop increase, Obama pressed key members of the national security team Wednesday for their views during an intense, three-hour session in a packed White House Situation Room.

The talks revealed the fault lines within the administration, with military commanders solidly behind the request for additional troops and other key officials divided. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and special Afghan and Pakistan envoy Richard Holbrooke appeared to be leaning toward supporting a troop increase. However, White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and Gen. James Jones who is currently the national security adviser, appeared to be less supportive.

In addition, Vice President Joe Biden, who also was present during the meeting, has been reluctant to support a troop increase. Biden made it clear that he was favoring a strategy that directly targets al-Qaida fighters who are believed to be hiding in Pakistan. The meeting, the second of at least five Obama has planned as he reviews his Afghanistan strategy, comes after a critical assessment of the war effort from Gen. Stanley McChrystal, who was put in charge of the war earlier this year. McChrystal declared that the U.S. would fail to meet its objectives if the administration did not significantly increase American forces .

White House officials say it may take weeks more before the president decides whether to overhaul the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan or send more troops. As Obama deliberates, key Democrats in Congress have begun voicing concern about the U.S.-led effort in Afghanistan, questioning whether a further commitment of blood and treasure is wise or necessary. The most vocal support for continuing or even expanding the conflict comes from Republicans. What do you think? We presented the facts, you make the conclusion.



  1. james

    great article…..not really sure how I feel about the war…I believe an increase could help with the war ..but I dont feel that more lives should be risked for a war that no one is even sure is worth fighting …ill be sure to keep my eye out for whats to come!

  2. rebecca

    our country has been at war and no one seems to care…people loose their loves ones everyday…its time more people become aware so that more can be done….on another note…this article is outstanding …might call for an e-blast!

  3. ashleyel

    I have faith that Obama will take the necessary steps and time in order to make the best possible decision for the country. However, I think that in this case Biden’s opinion should be valued. He has a lot of foreign policy experience. The fact that there are so many intelligent people who have serious doubts probably means that it’s not the best idea to send more troops.

  4. Randi

    It’s funny it doesn’t feel like a war at all in Afghanistan; but, despite the decrease in troops to cover Bush’s fiasco in Iraq, the US has been doing its share of Damage and Destruction in Afghanistan and in neighboring Pakistan using drone missiles and airstrikes. Its so easy for many Americans -those who dont have family members overseas or do not have a vested interest in Afghanistan- to become removed from the War. Our mainstream media does an excellent job of flooding the airwaves with distractions and exposing trivial gossip that has no bearing on our lives, while covering the overwhelmingly disastrous tragedy abroad. Im sure to Afghans and Pakistanis, this war is more real than the breath in their bodies, especially civilians who probably feel more like soldiers considering the immense number that have lost their lives and been targeted in a war that is seemingly never-ending and bringing misery in its wake.

  5. micole

    So what exactly are the U.S objecives for this war. I mean I know we went over there after Bin Laden and Al Quada to prevent another 9/11 but we still dont know where they are and we are building schools and stuff?? So if we lose a bunch of soldiers over there and still dont find them then we’ll really be in trouble if they attack us again and we dont have an army.

  6. kenneth

    I want to know Obama’s opinion on the issue….Im not sold that he really wants to send more people over there….A question we need to ask one another is WHY are we in a war? Does anyone know? I know I don’t!

  7. S.

    We have completely over extended our “welcome” in the Middle East. Obama needs to stop worrying about losing his popularity with those whom are actually for the war and get our troops home! If we need to go back another time, than maybe we will have to do so, but we are only making our situation worst! If you ask me, if our leaders can not come up with a decision quickly someone who may possibly be secretly plotting is going to make a move [here or there] that we will not be ready for!

  8. Randi

    Its not so much pulling out…its the condition we have put the state in. We couldnt just up and leave. And then, if we did, it would be considered another Vietnam, where our government suffered great defeat. They had to leave Vietnamese soldiers were ruthless and never gave up. Once pictures flooded the American media (first time we had pictures of war on the media), Americans were outraged and protested that we get our troops out of awar over ideology! Vietnam was the US’ lowest point because such a tiny underdog sent us running. To have that happen again would be disastrous for the US’ reputation as a super power. For the US to pull out, would mean they weren’t able to take down a rebel group and one man, Bin Laden, would have managed to destroy our economic structure and instill fear single-handedly. That would be too embarrassing for them, too many lives lost for nought!!! There are several other reasons we will not leave Afghanistan or Iraq anytime soon… mainly MONEY. Private businesses, contractors are getting rich over there…no competition, they can develop projects with no contest because of our puppet govt! Its scary how complicated this has become. THATS why Obama can’t just make one decision to bring the troops home. This war goes beyond his leverage, and he’s a politician, he has to play the game.

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