October 31, 2014 The Unbiased Writer


If you have ever traveled to New York City, you’ll probably agree, it’s a city like no other. Known as the infamous ‘Concrete Jungle,’ more than 1.6 million people reside on the tiny island of Manhattan. Living in the city can sometimes be an overwhelming experience, especially because of the space restrictions that confine most apartments. Unless you’re fortunate enough to come from loads of money, chances are you’ve had to become creative when it comes to making use of each and every inch of your living space. In other words, your living room has once transformed into guest bedroom/ office space, while the cabinets in the kitchen store items from your summer wardrobe that can no longer be crammed inside your closet. This common problem gave birth to the term known as kitchen·hack (/ˈkiCHənˌhak/ noun)- a strategy, technique or re-purposing adopted within a tiny NY kitchen in order to make one’s life more efficient and save space. In my case, I’ve transformed the kitchen oven into my personal bookshelf that stores old books.  Unfortunately, bachelor life in the city and baking don’t mix, and it’s only on rare occasion (mostly holidays) when the oven gets any use, if at all. Besides, why would you cook when you can order takeout online? seamless-unbiasedwriter-2Have you re-purposed your kitchen for something other than cooking? Used the kitchen cabinets as bookshelves? Or used the stove as additional storage? If so, you can enter the Seamless kitchen hacks contest by telling them about your hack, or uploading a photo of your hack to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #TapTapTakeout by November 11, 2014. The ten most creative hacks will be chosen to win $500 in Seamless cash. Is there anything better? Seamless. Food as easy as tap tap takeout.Seamless Logo

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