May 5, 2016 The Unbiased Writer

montblanc-guggenheimPeggy Guggenheim was one of the 20th century’s most influential art collectors. Montblanc pays tribute to the eccentric queen of modern art with their all-new Patron of Art Edition Peggy Guggenheim pen. Numerous artists like Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock, whose works Peggy Guggenheim showed in Europe and America, owed her their early successes. She spent most of her life in Europe, enjoying a bohemian life in Paris until she acquired the historic Palazzo Venier dei Leoni on the Grand Canal in Venice is 1948. She later converted the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni into a home with exhibition rooms for her collection.
The linear design of clip and cap, as well as the lines and shapes of black lacquer inlays in the platinum-plated cap and barrel, are inspired by Art Deco works from her collection. The red lacquer inlay spiral on the cone represents the striped mooring poles lining Venetian waterways. The lion’s heads embossed on the cap ring refer to Peggy Guggenheim’s Venetian palace, the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, as well as the lion of Saint Mark, the symbol of Venice.’
Available in three limited editions, head to the official site here for more info on the Montblanc Patron of Art Edition Peggy Guggenheim Pen. montblanc-guggenheim1


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